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    Fist in gambits?

    So I just started my warden a few days back and I am enjoying it quite a bit. But I've been learning more and more gambits that show a yellow fist and yet I can't seem to locate it in my skills or figure out how to use these gambits. I'm sure I'll feel very stupid when someone explains this to me, but at the moment it certainly doesn't seem very obvious what I need to do to be able to do this fist attack and use them in gambits.


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    The fist gambit builder, Warden's Taunt, is learned at level 4, and if you learned it then, it should appear in your skills list under the Gambit tab. Using this skill adds a fist icon to the gambit display, then you can use it to build the fist gambits just like you do with Spear and Shield. Hope this helps.

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    It's always possible that the skill didn't end up in your bar for some reason. Hit "k" on your keyboard to see a list of all skills you can drag to your action bar. Wardens also have a "Gambits" tab on the list that you can use to refresh your memory of what gambits you currently have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by christokimbo View Post
    more and more gambits that show a yellow fist and yet I can't seem to locate it in my skills


    If I remember correctly the yellow fist equates to the shout mechanic. For some reason in the gambit list when it wants you to shout it shows a fist.
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