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    How much fate is enough?

    Soo..... after the dust has settled from the fate => ICPR changes, how much fate is enough?
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    I can not answer how much fate is enough, but i can help tackling the problem of how much ICPR is enough.

    After U10 our power consumption, previously at ~4500 power/minute skyrocketed to 6000 power/minute.

    Let's assume a 5000/minute power costs.

    5000 ICPR gives you unlimited ammo.
    4k ICPR gives 5 min ammo.
    3k ICPR gives 2.5 minutes ammo.<<<My sweetspot>>>
    2500 ICPR gives you 2 minutes ammo.

    Fate no longer scales linearly, a fellow posted here that 779 fate gives 1579 ICPR. Fate is not your only source of ICPR, as Inspire, DS and RC can give you fate. I would assume at least 1k of ICPR can come from these sources in a High critical build. Things can go south quickly in a low critical build

    How much time of ammo should we aim for? I aim for 150s, the interval between ToNs, since running out of power when ToN cooldown ends is very annoying. So its ~3k ICPR. I will probably run some parses in 5Y2B to decide if i can safely remove my SfW in place of relentless optimism and still get more HPS and PoTs.
    That is another side effect of my critical tanking experiment that needs attention.

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    The ICPR contribution from fate is definitely linear since U10.

    People only get confused by the fact that the fate tooltip includes a base-regen of 240 that technically doesn't come from fate.
    Each point of fate gives 1.71 ICPR since U10.1.

    As for how much is enough, I can't answer that one. How much my power goes down depends quite a bit on my build and the instance I'm doing, and of course Loremasters can greatly help.
    I currently hower at around 550 fate, and i'm doing fine when traited red and using blade brother, getting harder in blue, and I still feel "Now for Wrath" is mandatory, which puts you in the odd situation that usually everyone stays topped on power except you as Captain.
    But I just don't see a way going much higher than ~650 fate without starting to cripple my important stats.



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