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Thread: Am U Pregnant?

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    Am U Pregnant?

    >Be Blackhaert, PvMPing Warden
    >Pre-order Expansion
    >Expansion Launch Date Delays Until October
    >Be Bored, Start to Warg
    >Be Busy With Work
    >Be Design Tart, Succumbed by Workload
    >7 Months Pass, Never Played RoR
    >Start Playing Yesterday
    >Officially Log In with Meow Test
    >Get Level 76
    >Might Replaced with Agility
    >Cooldown on Interupt
    >Be Sad due to changes
    >Confused why we have legendary BDSM gear called Bridle
    >Take dump on Super Rainbow Dragoich Cloak because Stats Changes
    >Pick myself up, ask what I missed In moors since I was gone.
    >Am U Pregnant?
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    [center][color=#DC8909]ENEMA R9 BA, MONGOLOID R6 WL, BLACKHAERT R9 WARDEN/R8 CAPTAIN[/color][/center]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anabraxas View Post
    ......>Am U Pregnant?

    <Am not.

    <Quack Dr. snip mai shiz behind toolshed.

    <Left right on top of his forehead.

    <No moar whelps.

    >Lvl up and be king of the moors.

    <King to mai Emperor wearing no clothes.

    <Except mebbe hempen loincloth.

    >Proceed to pvp.



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