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    Former Resident's Ring not dropping for Warden?

    Now that the Warden is gaining Mastery from Agility, all Agility loot should also drop for Wardens. But in the last 20 runs of Dungeons i havent seen the Former Resident's Ring or even the Former Prisoner's Ring for my Warden or other Wardens in my kinship.
    Are we just unlucky or is this a bug? Have someone else here made the same experiences?

    (Sorry for my bad english ^^)
    Greetings from Germany

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    wardens still get might drops in the DG cluster (possibly the Erebor 3-mans as well, but I'm not sure about that), so no, you won't see the ring drop. whether this will be changed at some point, I don't know. doesn't hurt to bug it though

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    I hear it drops on the AH for like 40 gold :P Guess it depends what server your on. I don't have a warden so I don't know but 20 runs could be just unlucky. I hear of people doing hundreds and not getting their teals. Well I have as well
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