Hello all !

Fate of Norns raiding kinship are currently recruiting. We are a active raiding kinship who raid 3-4 times a week as well as PvP and Instance farm. The only content we are outstanding to have completed are BfE Challenge and Flight Challenge as we have completed all other content in CM. We use Ventrillo and have our own forums with DKP system, raid planner and social boards. Please feel freel to visit www.fateofnorns.com

Classes currently recruited for.


Whilst we are not necessarily looking for other classes, please feel free to check out the website and make an application.

Please note the following
Characters that you apply on must be your main and have the most experience. Your equipment needs to be of a high standard with all legendaries complete.

For any other information, please feel free to contact either myself Thuruil or Nickaran.

Good luck and see you on the Battlefield !