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    Lotro is the only MMO I've ever played, but...

    After another frustrating round of PvP as a Hunter this weekend, I've starting flirting with GW2.

    If I understand it right, GW2 Rangers (their Hunter equivalent) can fire on the move, have good self-heals, can apparently do decent damage in melee range (and I won't even mention pets).

    These are all the things sorely lacking in Hunters, the most frustrating of all for me in the moors being the lack of adequate self-heals.

    Pardon the rant, but at this stage, it's only the love of all things Tolkien and Tolkien-related keeping me in this game, so I'll probably be a glutton for punishment and stick it out until the supposed class revamps, but:

    1. Has anyone else played GW2 Rangers and is it worth buying and switching?

    2. Are there things that Turbine can learn from that game and class that can help fix the broken Hunter?

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    All classes in gw2 can fire on the move, all classes have some heals. Rangers can switch between ranged and melee depending on gear setup, all classes have this feature. There are some good aspects of gw2 pvp and world versus world are strong feature with very little lag. You will encounter balance issues in practically any mmo. Rangers and engineers are imo the most fun classes to play but underpowered.

    You don't have to play one game exclusively, take breaks from games if you are becoming bored or aggravated.

    One feature where lotro shines in comparison to gw2 is character development. I like how class playstyles further develop as you level. In gw2 you can have the best skills by level 30 and largely use the same rotations as you did at 30.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arrowhead5 View Post
    1. Has anyone else played GW2 Rangers and is it worth buying and switching?
    It is very possible to play both games, thankfully as GW2 is a one-off payment.

    I play both; I have a ranger in GW2 and a hunter in LotRO, both my main characters. While the gameplay of the class in GW2 is significantly better in PvE and PvP, the game still lacks that traditional community style, but I figure that is due to LotRO being my first and most favoured MMO so I am more used to this system.

    Right now, a good tactic is to go to GW2 to PvP, as the 'world v world' system is unrivalled in being (In my opinion) one of the greatest PvP systems out there, and then come back to LotRO to PvE and to have fun with the community.

    Of course, this is all in my opinion, but I thoroughly enjoy both games, and the fact GW2 is a one-off payment really helps.
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    GW2 has a great ranger class that is similar to the LOTRO hunter. Also GW2 PvP is doing very well atm and is very fun if you find a good group of friends to play with. Its a one time payment so it is worth it. Only issue you may find is that you look at the LOTRO hunter like it is old news but that is a common side effect of playing some new games.
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    Sincere thanks to all those who responded. Great information and definitely something to think about.

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    As a person who played a GW2 ranger to endgame, in PvP and instances, I can definitely say it was an interesting experience. However, your enjoyment of the GW2 ranger is going to be colored by what you value most in LOTRO.

    First, let me say that it's an absolute blast to have complete ranged mobility. It really highlighted some of the problems I have with LOTRO's hunter.

    Secondly, sometimes your pet in GW2 can be more of a hindrance than a help, until you get them all. They don't take aggro from you at all, because there dps is the only aggro in the game. You have to work completely in conjunction with your pets, and it can be frustrating to have to rely on them so much.

    There are other factors that made me eventually abandon my ranger:

    (1) Other classes can perform ranged dps or debuffs better than than the ranger. Which is stupidly frustrating. Thieves, engineers, and the ever-overpowered warrior can sometimes parse higher dps and bring more usefulness to a dungeon than the hunter. It was LOTRO all over again. And that doesn't even include all of the ranged mage classes.

    (2) Rangers have a strange hybrid element to their design. They're meant to be more of a support class in GW2, because they have group buffs and their pets.

    (3) Rangers have primarily single-target dps, but GW2 is very much currently oriented towards AoE damage (think the Moria dungeons.)

    (4) If you're into cosmetics, the medium armor, in my opinion, has the worst cosmetics of any of the armors in the game.

    (5) PvP for a ranger is almost worse than LOTRO's. Almost. At least in GW2, you can move and dps.

    (6) GW2 dungeons are very hard because of the lack of a holy trinity. Like, mind-bogglingly hard. Like, die-a-lot during dungeons and run back to kill stuff and die again hard. There aren't any rezzes in the game, which almost makes it worse. At least with novice groups.

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    Couldn't find myself play GW2 with just spamming a few skills.

    What made me drew out from playing it was to the fact that every class can do a bit of everything very well.

    But like the posters above me said, why not just play both?

    As for me, I took a break off from lotro and playing another F2P MMO rpg. But I am really waiting for ESO (elder scrolls online)

    1. Mega server.............more than enough reasons already.
    2. Pvp system is war like, 3-way war with over 200+players at once in one screen.
    3. Even though it has classes, it means nothing as you customize the class the way you want to define it. From gears to skills, you name it.



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