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    Riders Of Mirkwood Aktive again

    Riders Of Mirkwood We are a Reborn social raiding Group in end game in kin base .We are looking for mature players who can work in team and also have fun and respect .We have teamspeak and you must be able to talk and understand english.

    send a ingame tell to Harnillas / Milant . for more info.

    Kin Rules.
    The rules described here summarise the general behaviour of all members. By applying for membership or being a member you intend to respect these rules and uphold the good name of the kin.

    1 - Kin Description

    riders Of Mirkwood is a Raiding kin and fun loving bunch with a core interrest in raiding/instances.goal is to raid 3 day,s at least on set raid day,s

    2 - Members rights and rules of conduct

    -We treat everyone as an equal, if it`s an officer, the kin leader or a member is all the same to us when it comes to decisions.
    In raids its the raid leader who decides , and tactics brainstorm we do togheter

    -Begging, insulting/trolling, selfishness, greed, Fightclubbing ,inappropriate behavior towards other characters, and all other kinds of childish or rude behavior is not tolerated. Any exploits to the game and the nature of the game is not tolerated.

    -We expect members to be mature i.e. to understand LOTRO is just a game

    -Members must also behave in an appropriate manner on the forums, which means flaming, scamming and such will not be accepted

    3 - Raiding

    We distribute loot fairly without any dkp or other forms of loot systems, we believe people are honest and decent enough to know when to pass and when to grab .

    4 - If you violate our trust, act up in the different fora of the community in general and all other general bad behavior will be awarded with a straight kick
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