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    -Attack Duraction Runes

    I know they're not helpful in boss fights or anywhere else where tons of damage is being thrown around and other stats are much more important, but in terms of generating threat has anyone tested runes that reduce attack duration to see if there's a noticeable difference in your ability to hold aggro? Also, what runes does everyone generally prefer on your main tanking weapon? I only just recently started leveling my warden again (hadn't previously since the Mirkwood days) and my warden is sitting on two Subtle Runes of the Crags, which give 200 morale and 150 power with 250 crit defense. I'm wondering if these are still a good option or if there is a more desirable alternative. Thanks in advance.

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    I think attack duration runes are not necessary for tanking. I use the block/inc healing runes. In my opinion, bpe relics are usually necessary for tanks and those that stack morale relics tend to squish faster than my foot on top of a poor insect. As a warden, I use all BPE relics and now in groups I can easily maintain capped bpe so i may switch out some relics for morale even though it is nice barely having to use any gambits to cap.
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    For tanking runes I prefer the basic t9s w/ incoming healing and block rating. Hard to have too much inc healing

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    About the only situation where I know they've been helpful is on the bridle settings. Not only are the auto attacks quicker but its also possible to hit two skills in quick succession going past an enemy when doing mounted combat. This has been especially helpful with my guardian since I've equipped the -25% attack duration crafted relic plus the -10% lvl 75 t2 setting. It's made mounted combat almost bearable. :-)

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    For tanking on a warden, you shouldn't need the attack duration runes to hold aggro, if you think you might, you should evaluate your aggro rotation and your group make-up. As for attack duration, they are nice for DPS spec, and I use them religiously for all my characters dps builds. Tanking, i use both the partial mit rune and gem on both LI's because I find it much more beneficial to mitigate more damage on partial avoided attacks, (my total partials account from anywhere between 12% to 18% of my total avoidance when logged with CA.) rather than mitigate 1 to 2% more on rare crits (I don't get crit often considering our crit immunity proc)

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