I was trying to catch up with an event that traveled from the Shire to Isengard, using a level 39 toon. Enedwaith was a red zone for me and of course I got killed after making it all the way to the Lich Bluffs. I chose to Revive and when my screen reloaded I was back in the Shire. There was a very brightly colored square icon in the alert panel with a ?!? graphic on it. It disappeared when I clicked on it. A GM was unable or unwilling to identify it and told me to make a bug report. Normally I'd chalk up the misplaced revival to general glitchiness, but with the special icon appearing I wonder if it was some sort of normal mechanism for vastly underleveled characters. Can anyone shed any light on this, please? Is it situation-specific or did I just see the entire game shrug at me?