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    What sells the best on Crickhollow?

    What sells the best on Crickhollow i need the gold and i will give fair prices for the main things the community of the server Crickhollow wants just the 1 main thing i need to know is WHAT do you Crickhollow peeps want? soo we can make a fair understandable trade just tell me what people on the server Crockhollow want and i will give it to them for a fair price

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    I think i said a few things more then once sooo im sorry but it happens right?

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    Roxy the easiest thing is to look on tha ah and see what things are selling for (and for how much) and see if you can find them to sell.

    It is at least always somewhat profitable to mine ore and other raw materials. You might not get as rich as fast as someone who sells what they win in some lvl 85 group instance, but it's good steady work and there's always some demand - even for low level ores/materials. The ores I see people looking for the most are dwarf iron ore and ancient iron ore, but it's probably best to have a good supply of everything on hand and just sell what is not on the ah at any particular time. Scholar items are also difficult to find sometimes. Woad from the North Downs and elsewhere is good to sell if you can find it.

    It can help to have a overlevel (for the level of the mobs in whatever area you are looking for things in) hunter or a warden as an explorer due to the ease with which they get around and their fast run speed. Burgs are nice as additional scholars, so you can sneak to places the scholar nodes are.



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