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    Grats on r10 Thu

    Thulock: A wild crazy dwarf that charges everything in the moors, whether it be creep, freep, passing sheep or a stone troll.

    Grats on r10 Thu keep charging things and such and getting me points.
    Lifgar R12 RK Firefoot
    Arcuss R10 BA Meneldor
    Though this is madness; there be method in't. - William Shakespeare

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    Brittain. Fidel. KimJongIl.

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    Congrats you crazy dwarf! Now keep helping me to piss off the creeps!
    Stantaun - 65 Hunter
    Ozzymandias 75 Burg
    Verite 75 Captain

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    Grats you dirty dwarf &&&&&&&.
    [COLOR=GREEN]Spacemanbobr, Sithmanbobr[/COLOR], [COLOR=RED]Toiletwater, Spacemandef[/COLOR]

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    Good job Little Brother!


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    Grats Thu!

    I'm guessing getting rank means next to nothing to you which is why it was always fun PvPing with you. Wasn't about wining or losing, it's about trying.
    "...FF is still the best server period, its like the Texas of Lotro"-Bace

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    Grats Thu, well deserved! Always fun fighting you!



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