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    Melee - LI or not?

    I have a relatively fresh 85 lev Hunter, completed Hytbold, not really aiming at much PvP nor very serious raiding.

    At the moment as my melee weapons I am using a Caravan-Protector's Mace (73 Agi, 73 Vit, 37 Fate, 370PM) and a Fallen Rohirrim's Club (63 Agi, 63 Vit, 330 Crit, 330PM).

    I am wondering if I should switch to LIs as melee weapons, or should I stick to normal ones with nice bonuses. What do generally people do - are melee LIs an obvious choice, or is it rather based on particular builds? It is really hard for me to compare efficiency of normal items' stat bonuses to LIs skill bonuses.
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    I would suggest to pick up several TA main hand weapons, look at their legacies a choose between weapons the one with better legacies. Level up LI, slot relics, gems, runes. you will see that output from LI is better as from "usual" weapon. and SA or FA weapon will rock compared to your current main hand weapon.

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    Talking Get a LI

    Hi, in my opinion you should get a good LI for the melee as well. That way you'll count on useful legacies such as the "Maximum Targets for AoE Skills", "Critical Magnitude in Precision Stance", "Swift Stroke Parry and Evade Rating" and "Agile Rejoinder Heal Chance" (and more).
    Take a look at http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Hunt...ndary_Legacies for the list of legacies :-P

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    Just the relics alone will give you better stats than any non-legendary weapon.

    For example (total of all relics on my club)
    35 Vitality
    65 Agility
    70 Fate
    +2578 Physical Mastery
    +640 Critical Rating
    +7.5% Dev Magnitude
    -2.5% Attack Duration

    Add a title scroll for either: 37 Agility or 400 Physical Mastery

    So this is the obvious choice (in my view) without even considering the skill legacies.
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    Don't listen to them they're lying, this is what you must do with a melee LI:

    Just kidding :P
    But really, equipping a melee LI is a very useful, in particular the legacies 'Needful Haste Duration' and 'Critical Magnitude in Precision Stance' are very useful and should be slotted on almost any melee LI regardless of build. Depending on relic choices and slotting 1 or 2 stat legacies (agility and either vit or fate are popular choices) will result in a greater stat benefit than pretty much any one handed weapon you will come across, in addition to the skill modifiers from legacies.
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    As everyone said, the LI is much better. I also use that caravan protectors mace as my offhand. It's pretty nice for a quest reward, but uuugly.

    I ended up with all the desired legacies on my 85 TA dagger, and I have no intention of ugrading to a 2nd/1st age. I solo mostly, and the cost/benefit ratio on upgrading is silly.

    Still working on getting enough shards to make some quality relics however.

    Where does that "device of accuracy" come from??

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    This really is a no-brainer. You should always have a main-hand LI. It's your Hunter Buff-Stick. You're needlessly crippling yourself and looking like you don't know what you're doing. In fact you want 2. One that you use as your Offensive Buff Stick (increasing your damage etc) and another that lessens cooldowns or increases the length of effect of buffs etc that you can swap in to good effect.

    Device of Accuracy comes from your top level guild crafting.

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    Thank you everyone. Now that you've explained things the choice seems in fact pretty obvious. My mistake was my (difficult to explain) tendency to compare relic-less LIs to other items. Which is not very bright, I have to admit.
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