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    Creep customization could this be something of interest?

    I can imagine its quite troublesome to start making new sub classes for all the creeps when turbine can't even handle the freeps. However I thought of something which can't be that hard, can it? Some of you might have posted about this already.

    On the creep character panel there are square that marks how much of each stat ur class has. The stats are listed:


    These boxes has not been changed since MoM (correct me if im wrong) when you had to buy each tier for destiny points. Much like audacity but creep only. The squares are up 5 for each stat where 5 is the highest amount bonus given. No creep has more than one stat line filled out to max. For example defilers look something like this

    -dmg xx 2
    -health xxxx 4
    -power xxxxx 5
    -armour xxx 3
    -avoidance xx 2
    -resistance xxxx 4

    For dmg, power and health each box (here X) represents a percentage. However, it differs dependinding on stat. 2 boxes in damage gives 3% increased damage. 4boxes in health gives 25% increased health and so on.

    My first idea is that every creep class should have 5 boxes open on all of the stats but each class is given a certain amount of points to spend in each stat. Let's say you want to go all glassy you choose to max out damage on the cost of other stats.

    My second idea is that you take one boxe from one stat and then add to another one. Then the max wouldnt be 5 but maybe 10 and minimum would 1.

    Also increased damage for the damage boxes would be on spot too. As it is now it's 1.5 dmg for each box.

    At the end of the day this is just another suggestion, an idea. So feel free to leave your opinions about this if you want.

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    One idea would be to recieve x amount of points to spend for eahc rank.



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