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    Smaug T1 Strategy

    Hey all,

    Just tried to do a normal T1 raid closin the south valves. Not the first time I've done it, and I'm wondering if they changed it during the patch. We had a warden on the grim, pretty much the only one damaging it to start with while we dealt with initial adds, but whenever anyone healed him they got nuked by the grim. Whoever healed the healer got nuked by the grim. Never encountered this before, and didn't get a chance to check his corruption, but does he now aggro on any damage or healing threat? Or did I just get lucky the first times I did it with a group and noone had to worry about healing? How do you guys go about running the raid without losing the healers? Thanks for all your input.

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    The short answer is if you have people getting smoked in T1 that quickly, they need to boost their survivability and/or you need to have a traited LM making sure the grim is debuffed.

    I've never noticed much difference between the times when a tank has aggro on the grim and when a ranged has it. Everyone at a certain range is liable to be targeted anyway.

    Maybe on that particular run you had bad luck with squishies being targeted for multiple attacks in a short time frame. It happens. I've been on a few T2/C runs recently and haven't noticed any change in mechanics.
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    I'm not sure of the ratio, but it seems clear to me that some grim attacks are specifically targeted at whoever has aggro, but a whole lot of them will just hit anyone on its aggro table. We open the fight (T2, but would work in T1 as well) by having everyone shoot the grim with something or other to get on its aggro table. This spreads the random attacks among the whole raid so it's not just your ranged tanks and healers taking the hits.

    Debuffing the grim helps a great deal, too.

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    Thanks for the tips it's really weird about the attacks, too, never happened before...the grim will target anyone, in range or not, even shoot out a fire dot spot on the ground in front of the top valve. Maybe just really bad luck on the run, but yes I was certainly concerned with buffed morales under 9, even 8k..we'll see how it goes if I try it again.

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    Wrathful Flames (formerly known as DNT - Ranged Med) will only hit people that are in combat with him.
    If you really only have a warden there and a healer comes up and heals the warden, then the healer and the warden will be the only ones to get it, back to back.

    To avoid this, have EVERYONE attack him at the start and after every time he greens out. Yes, that means that everyone will need to get healed from time to time.

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