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Thread: Bow Question

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    Bow Question

    Well I'm Level 27 and I use the Crafted Bow of Power and Grace
    and I was thinking if I would change my bow
    If yes what is a good bow?

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    I would suggest holding back on buying a new bow.

    At level 30 you get another class quest
    The reward is a choice between Xbow and Bow, both of which are pretty good

    I have baby hunters on another server
    They are level 35 now and are still using the Bow from the class quest

    As you level up, there are 2 very nice bows to look for (until you get your legendaries)

    Celegdur : Quest reward from one of Helegrod Quests

    Bane of Forgenvath (sp) : Drop off first Boss in Barad Gularan
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    Well one simple way of sorting a new bow out is to check out the skirmish bows for the level. You'll need marks and or medallions from skirmishes. A second way would be checking out the various tiers of woodworking profession, see what stats and dps are avaliable at what level and how that compares to the skirm stuff.

    I think I just used quest stuff.and it was fine but far from optimal. I doubt it really held me back. Checking out the AH for bows or asking for a woodworker on glff to crit a particular bow you've looked up if you really want the best available for your level
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    If you are in a good kin I would simply ask a kin member to craft a level appropriate bow for you. If they are kind enough to do so, be sure to say thanks and ask if you can return the favor in any way!

    Keep in mind that you tend to outlevel gear fairly quickly and unless you're doing T2 Instances or Skirmishes or something, it isn't critical that you have top of the line gear. Just try to keep you gear less than 10 levels below your char (at that point it is definitely time to find a replacement if you haven't gotten anything better by normal questing!).
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    If you have a higher level character, capped or so, you can easily solo the 3 Garth Agarwen instances and get Eglain-tokens to go into your shared wallet, then buy the Eglain bow and 2 of the Eglain weapons at level 32 with your Hunter.
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    There are some nice blue tier 32 weapons you can (forgot the names though)

    But I wouldn't worry about it that much
    At low levels you're swapping out gear every 5 levels or so



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