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    Solo tanking T1 Battle for Erebor

    I am curious to see if anyone has tried doing this raid with just one tank as of yet.

    The 100% damage buff is pretty nasty, but I reckon it can be done.

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    As they also get a -50% incoming damage buff the only way this would be solo-tanked is for experimentation/ego-stunts as it would take forever to kill them.
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    Part of the mechanic for this fight is to separate the two trolls so while it might be possible, there is really no reason to do so.
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    well, solo as in "it's just me, the one man army" is not possible, I guess. however, we just wanted to take a look at the raid and went in with just 5 people, champ, LM, captain, mini and me. the first time, the mini was afk which I didn't realilse and it went on with LM debuffs and LM/captain heals for quite some time (until the catapults hit the LM, then the captain). second try with mini was of the same fate, they got hit by the catapults and then I died a little later.

    so yes, I reckon it would be possible, it was quite a close call more than once, though. and yes, I popped DC on cooldown, but I didn't exploit the stun/DC/no CD flaw.
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