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    Is it any good to trait yellow for PVMP nowadays?

    For the benifit of desolation(Way of the Fist :10% Perceived Threat ,+25% Chance for Desolation to apply Fear,+3 Maximum Targets for Desolation ), to make desolation a better cc skil(6.2 range, 50%chance to aplly fear for 16s, 6 target max, 10m radius)

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    With the disclaimer that I haven't been in a group on my warden in over 9 months:

    I think the yellow capstone is ok for full group or more so RvR situations. Between the reduction in CC duration from Audacity and the super-fast rate at which Desolation applies fears, Diminishing returns are going to make the fear portion of the skill basically meaningless aside from the occasional lucky induction break. If you can actually hit 3+ creeps with it, the damage on desolation is pretty nice.

    A lot of it depends, but if I were on healer interrupt/inc healing debuff duty (thus requiring you to be in the middle, or even back of the creep raid) I wouldn't want to be without Perseverance, Deadly Insult, and Expert Hurler (they seem self-evident to me, but happy to explain reasoning on that too). With these traits as a given, you'd either be left to skittles traiting to retain all your masteries (presumably 2b, 2r, 3y), blue line traiting (losing a ton of your ability to soak up healers attention) or going 5y, 1b, 1r. With the capstone available you are basically choosing between JoDF (iffy), WotW (&&&&) and Fist Capstone (halfway decent), so it wins by virtue of the best option available.

    I'd need to spend time fulfilling this role to really decide which i liked better between skittles traiting and yellow line, but I think I'd end up going fist capstone.

    If your job was pretty much anything else, or you were solo, I wouldn't bother with traiting for fist, unless you just want to mess with creeps.
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    I like to mess with creeps

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    It can interrupt Spider's burrow and pop them out of it. It's very worthwhile in that situation, might be able to pop a Warg out of its' Disappear but not sure about that.
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