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    The Phoenix Rising - End Game Content & PVP

    The Phoenix Rising.
    Born from the ashes of great kinship's of forgone days.
    Empowered by brothers and sisters with alliances formed over many years of fellowship, triumph and cooperative achievements.

    Who is the The Phoenix Rising?
    We are a small to moderate sized kinship with its leadership and base deeply rooted in End Game Raiding and PVP.

    When do you raid?
    Our raids are weeknights at 9:OO PM Eastern Time.

    What are you looking for in Kin Members?
    Group play aptitude, past experiences helpful but more importantly a willingness to learn and follow direction. An ideal kin mate takes pride in the design of their character and has built their character or is building their character to a higher standard. Tweaking and adjusting for maximum performance in a group setting.

    What do you offer potential Kin Members?
    The Phoenix Rising will allow you to experience T2C end game content with a group of skilled and efficient players focusing on team work, and maximizing performance.

    A pool of skilled players to do other content at your leisure. Groups are often formed within the kinship throughout the day running 3 and 6 person instances.

    Years of experience in all classes to learn from.

    Friendly Kin mates who truly do understand success is in cooperation. Freely sharing with others to better the group. Personal note: I have never before been in a kinship that so much high end gear has been given away to empower the group. I have witnessed a dozen 1st age symbols, high end jewelry and recipe's given to others instead of being placed for profit on the AH. It is truly a team oriented kinship.

    What we are not interested in.
    Players with no max level characters, please look us up at a later time.
    Players who know it all and are not open to teamwork.
    Players with no voice communication or unable to comprehend basic instructions in English.

    To apply please fill out an application at http://www.thephoenixrising.org
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    PR is still raiding most nights between 9 & 10 EST and have completed Flights T2, BFE T2 (on farm) & Smaug T2c (on farm)

    We have yet to get Flights T2c (as of this posting)and fear with the patch right around the corner making it less difficult we will have to settle with the nerf. To bad as we have been so close numerous times.

    We are actively seeking new members of any class. With the slow down between content fully upon us and many players dislike of the direction of LOTRO we are admittedly hurting for raiders. (I personally believe all raiding kins are hurting in numbers)

    If you like to raid, or if new to raiding and have the ability to learn cooperative play please look us up. We often have room to fit in a player or 2 nightly and you would be welcome to tag along and give us a try before committing.

    We are friendly, team oriented and drama free. The elitist attitude does not exist here and we are extremely willing to spend time getting players up to speed on our raiding style if only they have the ability to learn it and follow direction.

    See ya in game..

    Learn more at http://thephoenixrising.org/

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    No thank you.
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    Bump dat!

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