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    Looking to get into the 'Moors

    Hey folks, I'd like to get my Hunter out there, but I have a few concerns.

    First off, Audacity. I don't have any right now, and I'd like to try and get myself some before I even consider soloing (which is, ideally, what I want to try and do, and yes I am aware of Hunter squishiness). I realise I could get Comms from Creepside with repeatables etc. but I'd really rather try and get them by, uh, PvPing on my Hunter. The only problem is that Freepside is so frickin' suspicious. See below.

    Raids. I want to go out and get some action, but I can never find any groups. I ask in OOC where the creeps are and I get nothing but awkward silence. Y'all scared of spies or something? I feel like I need to 'know the right people', which kinda sucks. My kin is too small and doesn't care about PvP.

    Lastly, drama. Nuff said.

    Hope you guys can help me out.

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    Well, if your creep is low-ranked / with zero audacity it will be as hard to score some comms as with your freep. I think its easier to do the dailies with a freep ... but that's PVE

    I am rather 'new to the moors', I know it's sometimes not so easy to get into freep groups. There seem to be freeps that prefer to group with their friends only or rather stay solo/duo if there's not much action. If there's a freep raid out (and a creep raid too!), my experience is that it's not hard to get in ... it helps to be known, but that also comes with being in moors regularly. So keep using OOC, show up where the action is and ask the freeps you meet to invite you ...

    ... and welcome to the Moors
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    Welcome, I like new freeps, they are tender and succulent
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    The dailies give a minimal amount of comms. I'd recommend focusing on pvp to acquire them. There have been many open freep raids lately, often led by Keldarah. Just keep popping out there during the evening US-time and I'm sure you'll find a group. And in regards to drama, you'll find that in any game with pvp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scoerandir View Post
    I feel like I need to 'know the right people', which kinda sucks.
    While not always the case this does frequently apply to both sides. People pvp with friends and or people they know for the most part.

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    Generally speaking the leaders (at least on creep) will be more than happy to invite people when there is a raid out to fight but when there is just a bunch of random freeps/creeps going small group will not only help refine your skills but I think is more fun.

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    Thanks for the replies!

    I've seen Keldarah advertising occasionally in GLFF but it's usually at an awkward time (like 30 minutes before I have to log). I'd like to try small groups but I'm not sure I'd be useful for anything other than bait

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    What time u normally play I go from generally 6 to 10pm central time. Though I normally just run with a bud if there isn't a big craid out send me a tell and we could take u round some. But if there is a craid out I try to get some organization to fight back.
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    My advice would be if you find yourself at a time when there's no raids out yet you're consistently getting killed by creeps because you're a tasty low audacity hunter, try to find a cappy/healer to duo with. There's usually a plethora of cappies who would love to duo with a dps because its easier to get comms that way, and also that way you will stand more of a chance against the ranked creeps.

    Have fun!
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    Found an open group today. Was dodgy for a while then we got some more experienced players, then we had some good fights.

    Soooo squishy though >.<



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