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    Unhappy Guildrecipes - a bit disappointed in the new system

    Hi! First of all, I have always loved LOTRO's wonderful craftings, which do pay off, and one can craft things better than what one loots - millions of thanks for rewarding us that way.

    Guilds... they require a lot of reputation and hard work to get it - that is the way it should be, and I love doing it.
    Guild recipes are more expensive than other recipes, and I have no problems with that at all.
    Guild recipes have a lot of cooldowns to wait for, and that's fine by me.

    But why have you made them so bad, they aren't worth doing any longer? Why should I put a lot of efforts, time, money and wait for long cooldowns in doing let's say a level 30 gear, when already stats and armour will be better on the level 32 gear? The level 30 gear requires a lot of material + shards, the level 32 barely anything. Please... I thought guild recipes were supposed to be quite awesome - people used to go from guild-stuff to guild-stuff, thinking the time and cooldowns and efforts were well worth it, but that's not the case any longer, due to the change in stats you have brought in. I do not see the point in that on a new character put in the time and effort to get the guild recipes and reputation required to get them, just for the items to be better 2 levels later.
    Apart from that, thanks for a wonderful crafting system, and for a wonderful game, because truly, it is.

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    TBH, for me, I've never considered guild recipes useful except at end-game, where I find them very useful for characters that I don't raid with, and since I only raid with LMs even for that purpose guild recipes were perfectly fine at 65 and 75, and probably for 85 as well.

    Certainly in the 30s and 40s I'd not bother with them, as you say the normal gear is good enough and leveling speed is so high that it just rarely seems worth taking the time.

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    Agree here. Until you hit cap, wherever that cap happens to be, loot off the landscape and epic quests offers a much better bang-per-buck, where "buck" == time invested making stuff against time gained killing things quicker with the better gear, than guild recipes do.

    That, by itself, is not a big problem, however. Just wait until you hit cap before starting to craft seriously. Unfortunately, guilds are also eclipsed by raid pieces being better than guild pieces. So, in fact, the ONLY function that makes guilding worthwhile is the business of turning components (elder symbols etc.), obtained by raiding, into the gear that everybody wants. Oh - and at least the guildsman can stick a nice crafted rune on his own tackle. That's it.

    Seems to me the developers missed a golden opportunity to make crafting guilds look sexier with the rebuilding of Hytbold. Doing it by mass orc and goblin slaying, instead of sending the desirability of wood and metal workers through the roof, was just a nonsense, really. Hopefully they will get it right next time.

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    Well, I have 5 supreme guild masters and I love crafting. I invested a lot of time in this, and every time one of my toons get in a 'new tier' I craft new gear. With the cooldowns, you can imagine it takes a lot of planning and looking ahead.
    IMHO I've seldom seen a quest reward offering something better than I already had and I've never seen something useful in the landscape drops. Also it takes about 5 levels before the recipes get better gear than the guild crafted recipes, not only 2 levels.
    I'm a solo player, I can imagine that raiders have little use in crafting.

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    Thumbs up Meow

    Well, I love crafting - I have 8 main crafters who also do guild (8th for special reasons) and 36 alts in a total. I use non-guild recipes unless it is for legendary weapons or really high level armour/jewelry as it is (Elvainiel will probably get her first blue gears when she reaches 75, she is right now my highest being level 67), or the occasional one simply because there happens to be no cooldown currently and I have all materials needed, and even with what I ordinary craft and use, there's no quest item nor drop that is better. I totally agree there. And I enjoy crafting so much - I just felt a bit disappointed in what they did to the guild gear recipes really. (Gear as in what goes into the character's slots.) I never raid, but as far as I know of, that's the only thing better, if I have understood that type of gear right.
    I have a total of 36 alts, and not even a handful is without crafting. They all help out with something. Because - as I said - I really love crafting. And LOTRO has one of the best systems in the whole gaming world, as it seems. I have so far not come across a game with as amazing crafting as LOTRO has. I just hope they sort the guild stuff out, as it would be nice to find it worth doing even for a level 40 - as it is some levels to level 50, (I know, 10) and I don't manage to get those levels in a week, but most likely in two, but if it is worth it, I'd definitely take that time doing it. But... I guess that at this point, no point in doing it until they are 60+. Thanks for the tips offs, though, I appreciate it. If nothing else, I have seen that there are more crafting-lovers out there ^^. *hugs everyone*

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    Now that we have the XP Disabler available, I'm creating my own "level capped" toons at the levels where they can benefit from those guild recipes: levels 31, 41, etc. Like you, I find it ridiculous that at the very next level you can craft superior gear for far less cost and effort. Perhaps the system made a smidgen more sense back when leveling was slower and more difficult.



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