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Thread: Warden cloaks?

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    Warden cloaks?

    Since my might-based Draig cloak got nerfed both in armour and might->agility, it's time to shop for a new one. Can someone please fill me in on the options for crafted or soloable warden cloaks nearing level cap? There are new recipes for armour and other stuff, right? Who sells them, or where do they drop?

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    The crafted Eomer cloak at 85 (which I believe can be obtained either via rep or by a guild recipe) are pretty good, at least until you find a better drop in the instances. Agility one, at least. Vit Draigoch cloak is likely still one of your best tanking options. You should be able to hit cap before Might is no longer viable to a warden, so you've still got time to switch.

    As far as instance drops (possibly unimportant for you?), Drape of the Invading Horde, Reclaimed Battlefield Cloak, and Gaerdring's Tattered Cloak are all pretty good choices.
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    I'm using Gaerdring's Tattered Cloak; that's a nice one.
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