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Thread: Roleplayer help

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    Roleplayer help

    Hey I joined the Laurelin server because it had [EN-RP] which I assume means English roleplay. So are there any roleplaying kins? Or actually would it be better simply to not be in a kinship and just roleplay with whoever you meet on your travels?

    I'm not new to roleplaying in general, just roleplaying in lotro.

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    Greetings! and welcome to Laurelin!

    I hope you enjoy your time so far. Regards to whether join a RP kinship or not, I would have done a little research first on the different kinds of RP kinship (There is plenty) to see if there is any that would appeal to you! One resource site I would recommend is this site: http://laurelinarchives.org/ On this site you can read about the different kind of Kinship, and you will also see members from the different ones writing stories and publish their creative work attach to their In-character.

    Otherwise I also can recommend to have a look around ingame. Visit Prancing Pony, The place is as I see it the main rp-hub for many people, both newbies and veterans. It can sometimes be overwhelming to enter this place because of many things going on there, but that is because is a quest hub too with many in OOC state, so one have to try to "filter" that out if something silly appears.
    But I would even how recommend the place. It excist some amazing veteran Roleplayers there that are lojal to the place still (I suppose they like the lively atmosphere there and the spontanious RP you can experience there.) This people are also very welcoming to newbies that actually try to interact and show interests..
    There is some man-RP kins around there aswell. I have noticed many "family" Kins and faction-Kins lately. Which seems to grow in numbers.

    Otherwise you have Rivendell which has "Hall of Fire" event every wednesday. Here you willl notice different Elven Kins that excist on the server. Also you will find some other elven Kin around Dullond, Celondim. As their story are located around this area (thursdays)
    Mondays is a good chance to see Dwarven Kins around TH: I believe Durins Folk have their kin night then. I recommend just go there, and observe. It can be an amazing sight when they do their drilling
    The hobbit community is large. I would highly recommend to visit Green Dragon Inn in Shire Friday!: you will find many hobbit RP kins here. This are fun /Social and very lovely events.

    Last advice: Look at this forum. and join the events you see. It would be easier for you to find out what in to join when you actually get to know some people

    Is plenty of choices.. So to sum up: I would have done some research first, and then join a RP kin. Is easier to get RP and develope your character if you are a part of a RP kin. But it has to be a Kin that seems to fit you.
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    Just my two copper... <tink,tink>

    Try Roleplaying with anyone you encounter in your travels. If I run into someone while playing solo I'll greet them with a proper greeting for their respective character race. (Good evening/Morning for hobbits and men, Mae Govannen for elves, or I'm _____ at your service and your families for dwarves.) I've found most folks are willing to dive into roleplay. If you give...you usually get.




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