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    Oct 2010

    Guardian of the Free Peoples recruiting

    Webpage: gotfp.guildlaunch.com/

    Council members (Officers):

    Myreya aka Refdof, Salya, Bervil, Tondeil, Skegstan
    Stonward aka Hawklen, Dasterd
    Toldmore aka Fargand, Telmore, Saymore
    Gromph aka Amhad, Belegarion
    Lokrelas aka Seatht, Stungan.

    Kin house: Yes. Chest access: Those who are kinmen/woman are allowed to use the chest
    Ages: We don't ask for ones age. As long as you respectful and don't beg for crafting materials, and always looking for groups.
    Rules: Rules of the kin are posted in Code of Conduct on the our webpage.
    Players: We have new and experianced players. Free to Plays and VIPs. Anyone is welcomed.
    Recruits: Recruits have a 2 week waiting period before becoming a kinsmen/woman, unless an officer feels recruits should be promoted sooner. If you have another toon in the kin that is already a kinsmen/woman, then you will be automatically promoted. Must tell the officer who your toon is.
    Ettenmoors:: We have a few members that like to go in the moors. If you are caught rank farming or multi boxing you will be dismissed from the kin.
    Most active: We have members from all over the world. The times we are most active seems to be evenings and weekends based on the Est time zone. (-5:00).
    Groups: We have many members that like to group. We try to do kin runs on weekends. If there is not enough kinmates, we ask glff to fill in blank spots. Most of the groups are endgame.

    If you have any questions, Dobralia or any officer will be happy to answer them.
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