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    Dungeons of Dol Guldur door is still buggy

    hey I've tried this instance with several groups ever since the "fix"

    people get stuck outside the main room EVERY time the warden fight starts... We can't figure out what the heck to do. We even tried to do it 3 man with everyone else out in the beginning area, it didnt work because the trolls just reset!

    Sorry but its way buggier now than it was before.
    Can I has fixed Fornost and ITA lootboxes?

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    My question for you is 'What are those people doing outside the main room in the first place?' Once all three wings have been cleared, everyone should be in the main room awaiting for the trolls to sprawn and the warden to enter in. If there are people out in the beginning area, than you are doing it wrong and of course the trolls are going to reset as the gate that separates the corridor and the main room is the reset area

    Instance certainly isnt buggy IMO, tough Yes, but not buggy
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    Quote Originally Posted by snakeeyes00 View Post
    Instance certainly isnt buggy IMO, tough Yes, but not buggy
    The instance is full of bugs.
    Every time a troll or boss goes too close of the entry => reset
    If you go too close of the entry (in particular when the boss invokes his fear skill)=> reset.
    The lever for the door where the exploit was is now useless,
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    The new door mechanic is probably WAI. They wanted people to actaully fight all four at the same time instead of the individual pulls into the cell. The easiest way for them to accomplish this was to lock the cell door into the main room.

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    All the changes were for the better so people would actually complete the fight. The only problem I have is if your group wipes they have no way to get back in because the invisible door closes almost immediately. The Warden's dialogue has expired, which means you can't get a proper reset and get everyone in. I don't think that should be WAI.
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    what you are describing as a "bug" is actually a fix for an exploit. the "entry room" / or jail cell where you get returned to after being captured by trolls was not intended to be used as part of the boss fight.

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    It's definitively a bugged instance. My group was there for the real thing, no exploits, got 2 random fights resets, then we get locked out of cell without any means to restart the fight. We would've opened a ticket but we didn't felt it worth the wait. These random fight resets and inability to rejoin the fight are truly annoying, especially if it happens in a T2C run after you managed to save 9 elfs for the first time. Dungeons can be faster than Sambrog for farmers, but it also one of the longest instances if you are doing it for challenge.

    Exploit? Why exploit? After the first wipe the tank learns how to kite the trolls and Cragul while the fellowship kills one after another and spot heal the elfs. As with many new scaled content, dungeons became an easy instance in the combat aspect.

    Turbine, please solve this, i need to farm a teal journal there, but since its bugged, no one want to go back there.

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    Yeah just tried this its bugged you have to make sure you are all in the room at the end, and if you all die you get locked in the cell and can't re join the fight

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    I actually used this method to farm DODG after the update and always worked well :

    Each wing is closed after that the trolls see you 3 times
    2 person close 2 wings (so they must be seen 3 times from the trolls each ) while the 3° person should be seen only 2 time .
    the situation is now 2 wing closed and 1 that need to be closed
    1 guy go to the lever and start spamming it while someone go in the last wing , he respawn in the jail and he can come back with you all
    Sorry 4 bad english

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    From my experience with this instance this becomes a problem only when trying to farm it quickly without rescuing elves. When you successfully rescue elves everyone is in the main room so there is no issue (unless you wipe somehow).

    However if you are trying to farm it quickly and simply closing wings, the boss fight will start before you can get out of the jail cell if someone is in the room.

    If you have everyone wait outside the room before the fight starts you run into the same issue as if you wipe. The door closes so quickly that most of your group will be locked out of the fight.

    The solution for quickly farming the instance that I have found is while closing the final wing have someone start opening the jail door so that the person closing the wing will be able to get into the room while the warden is still talking.
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