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    Greater Erebor Set Song-Protector

    Did 50 group Call to Greatness in full group = 6*50 = 300 Call to greatness and 0 re-apply effect after expiration. Please can any DEV, GM check if bonus really work? Because i dont think it work.

    update: 100 group call to greatness in full fellow = 6*100 = 600 CTG with 0 re-apply effect.
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    May want to bug it

    It doesn't help much to put stuff like this in forum posts, but you can submit a bug report. If bug reports come in, developers will definitely look at it.

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    I tested on Bullroarer. I applied CtG 100 times. I got 5 reapplications. It looks like the chance to reapply is 5%, which is near useless, but not completely useless. I was doing it with the OD set, and yes, some of those reapplications were on 3rd party grouped targets. Either the OP was really unlucky (unlikely) or they are fixing the bug on BR.
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