Hello, and no, I haven't stumbled into the wrong forum. I am thinking about a character transfer, but I want to get a feel for what this server's like. I am considering a transfer because the drama on my current server is horrible to say the least, particularly PvMP drama. Many of our long time PvMPers (creeps mostly) quit or transferred because of constant threats and insults. So, on to the questions.

How is PvMP here? Does everyone maintain a friendly positive attitude? Do creeps and freeps get along with each other when they're playing together on the same side and such? Is there lots of solo/small group action or is it mostly RvR?

How is the server population overall? Is there enough people on to not make it feel lonely? Are there people on and plenty of groups to join for instances and such?

Lastly, if I do transfer, are there any kinships that focus on PvMP and grouping outside of it to help other players out with gearing up while still maintaining a friendly atmosphere and a friendly attitude towards opponents?

Thank you in advance!