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    Best place for Gold Ore

    I was roaming the North Downs for Gold ore earlier... I gave up because I got 100 rich-iron and 18 gold ores... So where is the best place to find gold ore?

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    Based on a lot of experience, but not 100% sure if this is true:

    To the right of Esteldin, in the valley, you will find more gold than to the left of Esteldin. But the ratio is not 1:1, more like 3:1. So if you have bad luck, it is possible that you get 100:18.

    Try again today; there are some days that a person has more luck

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    Just mine all rich iron nodes you find - when they respawn, type of the node is determined randomly (1/3 chance of gold ore). It`s just that demand for gold ore is higher, it`s already mined out and respawned mostly as iron,
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    Don't forget that the Ore Nodes share the same respawn point

    So if you farm a Rich Iron Node, the next node to spawn could be a Gold one

    Most players only go for a specific node and wont farm any others.
    This is the main reason why you only see ONE type of node in an area
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