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    DPS main-hand legacy decisions

    I'm a total newbie warden and just getting geared up for dps (been tanking mostly). I was lucky and got a FA spear with 5 majors (I really wished this were my LM's staff, where I really could use all those majors).

    Sadly, I'm thinking of downgrading a major to a minor or a stat legacy.

    Here's what I'm thinking of:

    Recklessness Attack Duration
    Spear Gambit Damage
    Gambit Lifetap Damage
    Wages of Fear Positional

    I don't use WoF often enough, but perhaps having a dps role would encourage its use. I can't really think of a good 5th major.

    What do you think? Would you "waste" a major and turn it into a stat legacy or some minor? Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Hey anteku,

    You are pretty much right there is not a viable 5th major legacy for a DPS Weapon so I would use it as an Agility increase were I you, on the minor side of things I tend to take Surety of Death damage over time as its a pretty beefy DoT.

    I quite like WoF positional, I always use it after ambush and WT from behind on a mob and it does do huge damage when it crits but it certainly doesn't go down as an essential.

    You don't mention if you are going into the Moors or not, if you do want/decide to, getting the Hampering Javelin duration (minor) legacy would be useful in there but after that I would be using stat legacies.

    Hope this helps, good luck
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    I`d say - don`t waste any majors on a first-age weapon. You can get away with one sub-optimal legacy for now (not too many DPS-race instances out there), and who knows what are they going to change in u11 (or even before)? Second-agers are more expendable, OFC.
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    Thanks for both of your replies. This has been very helpful.

    Olfaran, I considered the duration legacy, but don't have any immediate plans for the Moors. I was leaning towards the Javelin Range minor because there's nothing else that can duplicate that ability. The Surety of Death one I didn't consider, but will definitely take a closer look.

    Hendos, you make a good point about U11 and other changes. I'll hang on to that major for now. It seems that FiSp Power Reduction is probably the best placeholder (even if it's kinda' meh) as it'll often be counterproductive to generate threat and I can always switch to my tanking weapon if I need more defense.



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