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Thread: Orc Tribes

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    Orc Tribes

    There are many orc tribes in the game.

    i Know the following:
    Blogmal - the ones in fornost
    Krahjarn - tribe of carn dum, and sometime supervisors of others

    These were all from Angmar and can be found in ettenmoors to, so they are interesting for me. What is the difference between Ongburz and Tarkrip tribes? They serve some special prupose like blogmal or justlive in different places? Plz tell ideas , sure info!

    Plus the other tribes:
    White hand
    Shak-hai (elite of uruk hai?)

    Gáshfra (rift (&angmar?) fire orcs)
    Gásh hai (moria fire orcs)

    Ninkoth -> an orc tribe from moria

    Taughash ->orc legion in mirkwood eaves
    Dushmau -> taur morvith orcs
    Hishgothrop -> ashenlades
    Frúmhorn -> Dourstocks
    Búrzathrang -> Gathbúrz fortifications
    so seems either orcs named after their home or tribes got permanent homes. Also Guldur orcs seem to be ripped from these tribes, as they have no real identity, like body jewells skin colours ... etc. u know what i mean.

    So why are tribes? they come from separation of small orcs group when they come near to extinction when sauron gone (thx for freeps + theyr agressive behavior makes them killing each other faster than their bred) Also it seems they had no choice between good and bad, not only coz the dark lords over them but elves tended to try to 'slay' all of em with motto: good orc is dead orc.

    So plz what u know or think about tribes!

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    The Tarkrip are the worst of them, though their named means Dunadan-Ripper (Tark= Man of Gondor or Dunadan of the North) And I dont think I've ever seen a Tarkrip Uruk. Also they're like the Exhiles because you see them in North Bree Fields and Separated from the Ongburz and Blogmal in the North Downs, and also separated from other Orcs as they are in the Lone-Lands. Tarkrips are usually Swarm to Elite Master a few are Nemesis.

    The Krahjarn are mostly Uruks, they are also the strongest and Best of all Orcs in the game, they're usually Elites all the way up to Arch-Nemesis (The Krahjarn Iron-Defender located in the Ettenmoors for instance)

    The Blogmal are both Uruks and Orcs in even numbers (meaning the Uruks are just as Usual as orcs in the Blogmal) Of all the Orc tribes the Blogmal seem the most Primitive (apart from goblins and orcs of moria) and they also serve as the Orcs who defend places claimed by the enemy, as the Krahjarn are the Elite Guards of Locations directly made by the enemy. Blogmal range from Normal to Nemesis.

    The Ongburz are the shock infantry of angmar. They are the toughest ORCS (not Uruks, Krahjarn Orcs are usually normals and Sigs) they serve as the forefront of Angmar's Assault upon eriador, they are rarely seen defending, I've almost always seen them attacking places... They Range from Signature to Nemesis.

    The White-Hand orcs are as named, they are the Orcs of Saruman, also some are the Defective Blogmal and Tarkrip. They are usually not formidable foes, and are usually found at they're camps in the the Lone-Lands, nearly all throughout Dunland, and ALL over the place near Isengard. There is also an Ambassador force of 'em located near Barad Gularan. They range from Normal to Elite Master...

    The Uruk-Hai (Uruk= Orcs (Orcs in mordor are referred to as
    "Snaga" or slave) And Hai ,means "Folk" so they are the "Orc-Folk") are the Uruks of Isengard, They range from Normal to Arch-Nemesis ;D

    The Shak-Hai (Shakthasi means craft, Shakalog Means distil, Shakab means Eagle, and Hai means "Folk" or "People", so they Good be the "Craft-Folk" or the "Eagle-Folk" or even the "Distil-Folk" which could mean they are ones who make poison but I find that one unlikely. The Craft folk makes the most Sense to me because Saruman was known as Curunir before his downfall which means man of Skill... but then again, as Tolkien stated "The Orcs can't make anything other than Mockeries of what the Free Peoples make" So... Well, those are all the Orc tribes I can do my best to explain for now.
    "The Grey-Company were the bravest, and the Best mortal soldiers in Middle-Earth, Excellent with spear and bow and sword."

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    Ongburz are seen a lot being Soldiers, Scouts, and Trackers (Low ranks) in the Ettenmoors, so is highly assumable they are just basic fighters.

    The Tarkrip seem to be a sub-division of another division due to their name implying hate to Dunedain/Men in the Orc language, Black Speech. Tarkrip seem to be the Grunts and Peons in the LOTRO universe.

    Blogmal are the more higher ranks such as Taskmaster, Chief Guard, Chieftan, etc. Also they have a tendancy to have spores/mushrooms growing on their back, ESPECIALLY in Moria.

    And the Khajarn are the overlords and such, not all of them are Uruk-Hai but many are.

    -Basicly all Orcs, Uruk-Hai, Wargs, Trolls, etc are classed as something. Each Orc in this case has different ranks and strengths. There is different kinds of Wargs and Trolls as well.

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    I believe Krahjarn also have a relationship to Isengard, as some of the Krahjarn appearances for monster play have white hand symbols, namely this one: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Helm..._Appearance_IV



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