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    Best armour set-ups (post U10.1)

    When Hytbold came out, it seemed like running 3-3 Bowmaster and Huntsman was the best bet. Now that set bonuses have been changed to 2 and 4, I am curious what most are considering using.

    I understand that there are some people with gold pieces. I would guess that those would be definite considerations, but since no amount of planning can go into obtaining them (I have hundreds of runs with no luck) I'm wondering what combinations might be best.

    I would think the first consideration would be, has the person unlocked the Greater Erebor sets (and of course, all Hytbold and skirmish currency for Barad Guldur armour)? That's not to say that a full set or combination of only GE is necessarily going to be best or what people are most looking toward obtaining. I am fully aware that jewellery considerations might factor into which individual pieces and sets are chosen, but let's also assume that a person isn't concerned about obtaining those, since most stats sacrificed might be made up with pieces obtained on the AH (golds excluded, perhaps).

    Next, what if the person only has the Erebor sets unlocked (with all of Hytbold available and enough skirmish currency for BG armour) and hasn't finished the T2 deed? Considering the Erebor regular sets only have 2 set bonuses, that might drastically change the desired sets.

    A third consideration might be combining some of the Ettenmoors pieces, though I'm not sure that for Hunters (unlike, say, the two pieces for Captains) there is anything useful that would be worth giving up the pure stats. Toss in teals that might fill a specific gap and the combinations start to get crazy.

    Golds definitely can influence what pieces are used (boots, jackets and helm), but again, one can't plan on getting them and in most cases a full set of GE will be available before getting anything gold in those slots.

    I'm interested in seeing the suggested sets and thought processes behind them. Class and legendary traits may be huge factors, or maybe they won't.
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    The Erebor regular sets actually have 2-set bonuses but not 4-set.

    I trait blue line. I'm running 2HHunt/2HBow/2EHunt. Fleetness focus cost reduction, -10% inductions, +5% bow crit mult. I do have gold shoulders, but only switch them in (replacing a HBow piece) when I want more morale.
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    To me, the best setup is still 4 Hytbold Bowmaster + 2 Erebor Huntsman for Fleetness -1 focus cost and -3s cooldown of Swift Bow.

    I love my Swift Bow in term of generating focus (3 focus when critical, which has a very high chance) and damaging (it's like shot 2.5 Pene Shot in one skill). At full focus and with Fleetness on, by the time I burn all of my focus, the 7s cooldown Swiftbow is ready for action.

    The another good setup involves Moor Huntsman set, which is only for VIPer. 2 or 4 Moor Huntsman (-15% mitigation for Pene shot and Precision Stance +1 focus/4s) together with 2 Erebor Huntsman.

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    Thanks for the clarification on the Erebor set. I decided not to get any of it until I finished T2 Flight, even though I was one of the ones who managed to complete T1 on the day it was first released before it got removed. I'm finding each time I get a new piece of jewellery, I have to think about what I need for the current raids. It feels like it is getting harder to survive. Raw morale doesn't really help that much. I am starting to switch out high agility pieces for high vitality pieces, then when we are needed to burst DPS, switch back in the agility and become a true glass cannon. In particular, I noticed that before Flight was added back in, Fires of Smaug's boss Belegnor seemed to do a certain amount of damage. After, he does much more. Add in the fact that an add wave was added during Firetender stages and all it takes is one unlucky sequence. Pure DPS doesn't have much call, especially if tanks aren't able to hold it and the raids aren't built on requiring it. I still haven't settled on a set makeup and am running 2-2 Hytbold with teals for VIT until I decide what I want to shoot for on a more permanent basis.

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    As a hunter raid reaching 40k pm and overcapping crit to 15800 with around 7600 health

    I will say I enjoy the 4 set greater erebor huntsman this is a flat 8% damamge increase overcap
    and with IF its almost always up. I combine this with the 10% induction reduction.

    With blade brother from a cappy the animations are so short its rediculous you feel like a machine gun.

    In 10.1 it may be more prudent to take the lower damage of 4 set hytbold huntsman and the 2 greater erebor pieces
    this is because blood arrrow cooldown is so effective with power.

    Essentially you will fire 10 blood arrows per minute instead of 6 saving you apx 200x4 power that a penetrating shot would cost
    so the 4 set is 800 icpr + the increased damage when you crit.

    As someone struggling to reach 1600 icpr after the patch 800 icpr from hytbold 4 set plus 500 ish power per minute from
    rightous bow gets you almost twice the power regen.

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    I've got 2 Erebor Huntsman/2 Hytbold Huntsman/Malledhrim boots/blue shoulders with tac and phys mit. 5 blue, fleetness, built for high crit but not such high PM (~34k) and decent survivability.

    I'm sure there are better combos out there but I still pull aggro off guards relatively easily...
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    i plan on going 4 erebor bowmaster/2 erebor huntsman. until i get the greater sets unlocked, im going 2 erebor huntsman/2hytbold huntsman/gold-boots/gold-crafted helm.

    i do swap in 2 erebor bowmaster for burn hot crit mag. though.

    this is traited 5b2r

    Quote Originally Posted by Aedfrith View Post

    I'm sure there are better combos out there but I still pull aggro off guards relatively easily...
    yea, i was sustaining 3.9k dps on the dummy, and i was already pulling aggro off of tanks fairly easily >.> this should be fun lol
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    anyone know the value on the greater huntsman mitigation penetration buff?
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    8% seems about a 15% chance to proc

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    Anyone experiment with the Heartseeker bonus? (I forgot which one grants it, but it's the 4-piece bonus.) If so, any concrete numbers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miretocot View Post
    Anyone experiment with the Heartseeker bonus? (I forgot which one grants it, but it's the 4-piece bonus.) If so, any concrete numbers?
    Finally got my t2 deed done tonight, and picked up 4 pieces of the set. Will do some testing tomorrow and see what it's like.
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    After 10 minutes of testing the heartseeker proc seems to be about a 4-6% chance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelvadrin View Post
    After 10 minutes of testing the heartseeker proc seems to be about a 4-6% chance
    Wow that's nice! I'd probably go for that set if we didn't have the new changes to ICPR/fate. Now though I don't see how I'd ever be able to maintain my power, if I was using heartseeker every 10-20 seconds

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    Just got the T2 deed last night too, and only had a few Tham Mirdain School runs to try out that Heart Seeker proc.
    I love this thing, even though it's of non-consistent : sometimes I got it to proc 3 times in 20seconds, sometimes it took more than a minute to see a single one.
    It allows for nice burst, but boy did my power go down faster than usual when I was spamming Rain of Arrows (with either Low Cut/Blood Arrow/PS/HS if proc in between)

    I hope I'll have enough wyrfmires/mooncandles/starblossoms/sunbrands to try all the setups I can think of :

    Things that seem worth trying :

    -4 Greater Erebor Bowmaster / 2 Hytbold Huntsman (traited 4r/3b) : HS proc and -10% bow induction time.

    -4 GE B / 2 GE H : HS proc and Imp. Fleetness (5b), trying to proc as much instant HS as possible ! Plus the blue traitline would help power consumption with that -30% PS power cost.

    -4 GE H / 2 H B : Mitigation proc and +5% critical multiplier (5b). Depending on the magnitude, that mitigation penetration buff could be interesting especially for Flight T2C, where LM probably won't have the time to debuff every target (especially those Berserkers). I'd rather use the +5% CM than -10% induction time, as a Fleetness build already bears a lot of induction time buffs and you end up spamming PS anyway so induction time is not as important here than with a 4r/3b build.

    - Maccroing between 4 GE B and 4 GE H. Depending on the Mitigation Penetration proc chance and duration (12sec I think ?), it might be interesting to go with the HS proc, when it does you switch to 4GE H and fire that instant HS after you got the Mitigation Penetration buff.

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    Has anyone tested Mitigation Penetration Buff on different ranged skills? My tests on Level 85 elite dummies show me that auto-attacks and ISB doesnt get any benefit from mitigation buff, can anyone confirm this?

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    In several weeks I'll hit 85 lvl. I do not have RoR (QP/Instances), that means I cannot get Hytbold armor. What armor set would you suggest in this case?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justanother View Post
    In several weeks I'll hit 85 lvl. I do not have RoR (QP/Instances), that means I cannot get Hytbold armor. What armor set would you suggest in this case?
    I'd suggest grinding for the TP or $ to purchase the content.

    In the meantime, I presume you're not VIP.
    L85-Crafted, or the BG set are your only real options apart from scaling drops in any content spaces you happen to own.

    Fortunately the purple and teal quality items from most instanced spaces are bind-on-equip so you can farm gold and buy it in the auction hall instead.
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    I tested a bit, and it seems like the 4 huntsman bonus edges out over the 4 bowmaster bonus on the erebor sets, in terms of dps. The heartseeker bonus is super-fun to play with, but the extra dps from a few heartseekers doesn't seem to be enough to compete with the near-constant -8% target mitigations buff. Not a huge difference though, and the heartseeker thing is really cool just for novelty's sake!



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