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    Third Marshall Shwasted

    What a great run man, a rank 12 freep in a little under a year after you made him gotta be some kind of record lol

    So glad i bugged you about playing lotro for so long was so worth it! 2 purple freeps in a kin of 5 people epic love it! Congrats and well done sir well done
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    I heard that you were excited that you beat me :P

    Congrats on your rank.
    Tsaurel/Telae - SVP

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    yeah !! gratz for facerolling

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    Ugh everyone is passing me in the ranks, this isn't riiiight!

    Anyway congrats there man.

    Eodread, Earendel, Lindrial, Isilmacil - Horizon

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    Grats schwasted keep on truckin man. /smoke1

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    Well done mate!, sorry I missed you ranking D: ill be with you in the next few days on my burg so don't be taking no breaks!!

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    Congratulations to a nice guy and good player who has earned his renown. Way to go!

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    awesome man congratz!!! been awesome running with you

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    So there I was, meandering about, when I saw a quick flash of purple, now lets see, it was too tall to be Droi and didn't have that fat little dwarf pony thing going on, so I was thinkin Xan. Just follow to see whats what, who could it be if not Xan?
    Shwasted! OMG not another one!!
    haha grats my friend! lots of BOOM BOOM POW!

    Now that you have ranked up, perhaps the excess amounts of static cling generated when you all roll out into the moors can drop a bit! Hey, no one likes little bits of fluff sticking to their fur, its embarrasing.

    This made me think of you:

    Keep up the fun times!
    Anat ~ Damspider, The Black Blade
    Teslafoil ~ Allure, WeGotThis

    "Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war"

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    awesome job shwasted! ...good guy good player
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    Wow all thank you all of u and more...u all have help me get here (creep/freep lol) i have met alot of great ppl on here so a big thanks to sic/abry for pushing me to play ....Anat ty that post gave me a laugh....i hope to get highier in rank but for now i'll be creepside til things lvl a lil lol so look forward to seeing u all out ther whicher side im on

    Don't Do Drugs..... ......Smoke The Herb

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    Hooray for Shwasted! Grats on another rank. There's few I respect more in PvMP. You're a great leader and a truly good guy. We need more people who can play both sides without prejudice and who understand that a good opponent is not only desirable, but necessary to make this Moors thing work. I look forward to seeing you out there (either side). Keep bringing the pain, man.

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    Congratulations Shwasted. It's nice you guys decided to stick around and make moors suitable.
    I sent you a FB message, guess you never got around to it. Ah well, enjoy the purple.
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    Only 600k to rank 13! You can do eet! :P

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