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    intance: a relic in lumar nar

    i'm trying to do the epic intance "a relic in lumar nar", and got to the last hall with a lot of mirrors and a floor of webs which i need to destroy in order to get to the boss.
    i can't figure out how to make the mirrors stand right.
    no, no map of walkthrough can help me.
    can someone describe how to propetly do it, in details, or just help me in someway? i'm very close to just go ahead to the next book without doing this book, but it'll feel weird and prevent me from the deed TP which i want.
    and this morroval task mistresses and defilers doesn't help.

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    As the image says, there are three differnt patterns you can use

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    Hmm. Is it just me, or do solutions two and three look the same? No matter, I always find, as a soloist, that the real problem isn't lining up the mirrors, but KEEPING them that way. The patrols tend to respawn and darken them, whilst you are working on one of the other paths. Killing enough of them seems to buy you enough time, eventually, though. Expect to spend hours in that flipping last room, tho. Your real slower is that you daren't run fast enough to keep them honest, or you risk falling into the nothing drop at the edge of the boards.

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    maby i should just read the stories of that book in the lotro wiki and just skip to the other book?
    it sounds almost impossible.
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    the description in wiki helped me. there is also a video guide:


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    nothing doesn't work. i'll skip this book to the chapter 9:forward from haldir.

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    First, realize you don't need to break the web to complete the epic quest, just destroy the relic.

    Second, if the various write ups don't help, it's doubtful more will.

    But in case a different perspective helps, simply turn the mirrors to shine light to their neighbors. Turn those neighbors to shine light to the center. One set will take more bounces than that. It's not a puzzle, as you can do it in any direction. Just once you commit to a direction, process of elimination means the remaining mirrors then only go toward the available way, which makes it easy as you don't have to pick, just point at available one.

    Realize MOBs will have obscured the former ones you did, so go back and clear them out. Voilà.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJFerret View Post
    First, realize you don't need to break the web to complete the epic quest, just destroy the relic.
    Hmm...I thought that the Epic Quest required the player to kill Ergoth, whose web can only be opened via the breaking of the relic and the realignment of the mirrors.

    In regards to the OP, the following information is only useful if you happen to come across the dreaded 'web bug'. Copying and pasting what I wrote some time in the past:

    Quote Originally Posted by Flutte View Post
    There are a few threads that discuss about this in the "Quest, Tasks, Deeds, Traits, and Titles" Forum:


    ...and one in the "General" Forums as well:


    Basically, the only viable solution would be to constantly retry this instance until you get the web open/manage to finish it. You could also try aligning the mirrors differently to see if it may work--I believe someone said that it worked for them, if I read correctly. If you wish to know the other combination(s), hop over to http://www.lotro-wiki.com and do a search on "Lumul-Nar."

    On a side note, whenever you wish to restart an instance, you need to do one of the following to actually reset the instance: 'Log out,' 'Start and cancel an Instance/Skirmish/Session Play,' or 'Wait for awhile (medium to long-ish time).' Just cancelling the quest will not reset the instance; it is the same thing as leaving an instance and still being able to enter it with all things you have done in the previous session--that is if you did not exceed the maximum time limit/began another instance/skirmish/session play/log out.
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