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    Best possible critical chance

    Can anyone tell me what the best critical chance I can achieve is? I am asking for a one time jeweller recipe(sunbrand necklace), that doesn't have the option of using additional materials, like rock salts, for a bonus.

    Right now I have tools with a 22% crit chance. I have a scroll of the ages for an additional 9% crit chance. So I'm at 31% now. Is there anything else I can do to up that chance? Is there a better scroll than the one I have?
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    there is a base 5%, Eastement scrolls of the tinker add 13.5%, The optional use of a Jewellers Journal adds 25% so the total adding all together

    22 + 13.5 + 9 + 25 + 5 = 74.5 but will end at 75% chance or 50% without journal
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    Thanks a lot! I knew I was missing some stuff as I'm still kind of a noob at crafting. That is much better than I expected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirgellon View Post
    I have a scroll of the ages for an additional 9% crit chance.
    BTW, how to get this scroll ?

    (I tried to get the quest before "Fangs for nothing" in Helegrod Drake, but it is not there at 85 and doesn't work if lvl < 85...)


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    If you started the questchain (in Bruchtal) you will have to do drake wing on your current level or under (up to 9?) your level, so you will get the dailies.

    One of them is collecting the teeth. Maybe you will have to reset the daily some times, to get the right quest, by reentering the wing. When you did the daily, you can collect your scrolls of ages.
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    Yes, do the Helegrod quest chain that starts at an NPC walking down the path by the market. Then, after those, do a L77+ Drake Wing (L78+ is faster, though, since little drakes are a level below) and make sure you have the random daily quest: Fangs for Nothing. Then, head to Othrikar to pick up, I think, Picks for Delivery, which sends you to a dwarf right in Thorin's Hall.

    This quest was quite fun in the beginning, because there was actually no reward for Fangs for Nothing, and every other Helegrod quest gave some nice stuff. A few people in our group didn't even bother picking it up, until they saw the shiny Explorer's pack and scrolls the rest of us got. Then they had to wait for a week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frisco View Post
    Yes, do the Helegrod quest chain that starts at an NPC walking down the path by the market.
    Hum... I went to Rivendell but I did not find any walking NPC by the market with a quest.
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    It's a quest chain starting with Anornaneth (28.9S, 5.6W) in Rivendell.
    Maybe you already did the first quest "Stirrings Within Helegrod" which sends you to Elrond. You should follow the quest arc to pick it up again.

    Next quest is "The Deeds of Durin". Elrond sends you to Gloin (at his camp in Misty Mountains).

    "In Sight of the Bitter Stair" is next quest. Gloin wants you to talk to Sigrun (North of Gloins Camp).

    Sigrun now offers some quests. The one you need is "The Worm-hunter's Lament" which sends you to Othrikar (North downs).

    If you already did "Fangs for Nothing" in Helegrod, Sigrun doesn't have the corresponding quest anymore, you should travel to Othrikar and talk to Ormulf. He should have the quest "Picks for Delivery".

    If you don't get this quest with Ormulf, you will now have to do "Fangs for Nothing" in Helegrod. Conditions are stated above.

    After finishing it, Ormulf will send you to Thorins Hall to get your reward with Wegeir.

    Best regards and good luck!
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    Thanks Frisco & Mellana for your detailed answers.

    I went to see Anornaneth, Elrond, Gloin, Sigrun, Ormulf : no quest.
    But I finally could do the quest for fangs at level 78 (it was not there on my first tries..)
    (easy with my Champ, impossible with my poor weak Hunter if I aggro > 1 big drake..)

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    Beginning with Update 11, you can just buy a 100% crit chance.

    No joke.

    (I wish it was)


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    Cooks can use a crafted campfire to get an extra 8%. My crit is displayed as 84% in game, with campfire and scrolls.
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    So is 75 % the absolute maximum critical chance that you can get? Also, what's this 100 % crit chance item in u11 about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurin View Post
    Beginning with Update 11, you can just buy a 100% crit chance.

    No joke.

    (I wish it was)

    Not surprised.



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