Let me preface this rant by saying that it's great that we now have the ability to get +10% crit chance to our heals from the tier 1 and tier 2 erebor sets, that's great. (They stack, for those interested.) But let's take a second to talk about the four set bonus for a blue line minstrel.

On the face of it, it seems neat, a HoT that comes from Bolster courage. If the HoT was significant, it might be worth using. I figure, bolster courage accounts for maybe 10% of my heals in raids now, it's used far less now than it once was. It wouldn't be great, but you did a nice job with the Chord of Salvation HoT so conceivably this one could have turned out well. It didn't. The set bonus is useless, and I would even argue that this is the worst set bonus that you have added to this game (not excluding non-functional set bonuses that have been added in the past.)

See figure 1, my parse. I sat and used bolster courage for 15 minutes to see the chance for the HoT to apply.

What we can see here is 800k worth of bolster courage healing, 16k of that was from the HoT.

That is, for those who are more numbers inclined, a 2% increase to my bolster courage. Wooo! (It's about a 10% chance to apply the HoT, that is utterly disastrous.)

The HoT is laughably small, see figure 2.

Now let's run through some numbers, for the sake of humor.

This is a 2% increase to bolster courage, a skill you use 20% of the time at most. (10% is more realistic, but I'll give turbine the benefit of the doubt here.) This is a .4% increase to your bolster courage healing. Cool.

Let's say you parse around 2k heals per second in a raid. That seems to be about average, I've parsed more, I've parsed less, but 2k seems reasonable. The HoT ends up being close to 191 health per tick. Cool.

191 health per tick, or about 64 health per second during the time that this HoT is active is, well, Cool. Let's say, and this would be a stretch, that this HoT is active once every minute. That's 191x6 health per minute, or 1146 health per minute. That's 19.1 extra heals per second. Cool. That's 1% extra healing in all. Cool.

Thanks for this 4 piece bonus. It'll be in my vault for the foreseeable future. At least it can't be dyed, so I'll be looking grey for a while. I'll stick with using just 2 pieces. I hope you don't mind.