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    Baby Warden wants to know how to DPS


    Like the title already suggests, I just started playing a warden. He's around level 10 now and I was wondering what I should do/look for, etc. If I wanted him to be as DPS-ey as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated, because it seems like a complicated class.


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    I will start by saying that the Warden's DPS does not come close to what some other classes can do, such as the hunter, Rune keeper, or even Lore Master. That being said, we can actually do very good DPS for a tank class. I am only level 57 right now, and against a mob 2 or 3 levels higher than me, I can take it down in a matter of like 10 secs. Fighting groups of enemies (wardens are very capable of taking on a ridiculous amount of enemies at once. I have taken on groups of 8+ on level or higher mobs and only dropped to about 75% health) goes a bit slower, but still not bad.

    All that being said, for my best DPS, I usually trait red line. What traits you use is up to you I am not going to try and tell you what is best in that respect. Also I usually run in recklessness stance. This stance allows you to attack faster, as well as apply a stupid amount of bleeds to the enemy, because it causes most gambits to apply some sort of bleed. Not to mention the bleeds you get from using spears, which will happen more often because you are attacking faster. It also increases melee damage. Assailment is also decent for DPS, but it is meant for ranged combat and will be basically useless if you are solo. Your attacks also aren't as fast as in recklessness.

    One thing I should have led with is the purpose of the different stances.

    Determination: Tanking stance. A lot of gambits apply some sort of HoT self heal or aggro the enemy.

    Recklessness: Melee DPS. Most gambits apply a bleed. Not many self heals in this stance. Converts usual self heal gambits into bleed gambits.

    Assailment: Ranged DPS. Don't know a lot about gambits in this stance because I don't use it very much.

    So for best DPS, trait red line traits and run in Recklessness stance. Using a spear helps for applying extra bleeds, but isn't entirely necessary. If you get into a fight with a tough enemy, use recklessness and wear them down, pop over to determination and apply a self heal every now and then if needed, then switch back to recklessness and continue poking. Sorry I went so long, I didn't intend to haha. Oh also I almost forgot. When you get the abilities, you should start every fight with ambush, th en critical strike. I usually run behind the enemy while they are still knocked out and throw a wages of fear as well (won't get that til late 40s) and usually have the mob down at least half health within the first few secs.

    Disclaimer: these are strictly my opinions. I am only level 57 and do not know everything about the class, but these opinions are based on my experiences so far.

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    Don't be afraid to drop your moral to become an agility focused glass cannon. As your tactical mastery increases from agility, so do your self-heals and lifetaps increase in potency. There's probably a point at which it becomes inadvisable to do so depending on individual skill, quality of gear and virtues.

    Virtues are probably going to be more of a factor in how well you're going to be able to stay in Recklessnes than if you were just going straight-up Determination, as good mitigations will mean less need to stance-dance. You'll probably want to do the deeds to unlock all of the traits available because there will be times solo that traiting tank while sticking to DPS gear proves beneficial.
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    Everything BlindMarksmen put is good stuff,

    At such a low level the main thing to do is just stack as much Agility as possible (and Might until U11 comes out) and run in recklessness stance. I am afraid I cannot remember what level all the Gambits come available!

    Simple rotations for DPS are to use:

    Ambush (Get behind them) > Warden's Triumph > Critical Strike > Wages of Fear > Adroit Manouvre > Power Attack > Mighty Blow > Unerring Strike > Brink of Victory > Surety of Death

    Most mobs will be well dead by then anyway, groups of mobs can be DPS'ed using AOE attacks like Fierce Resolve/EoB/Resolution that Also help heals, there is an awesome thread on these forums about AOE DPS that is worth reading

    Running Shield line and Recklessness so that Conviction and Restoration have good ticks and lengths on them is good for extra survivability, will write more when I have time!
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