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    Visions of grandeur

    Greetings my fellow Wadens Wardens Warrdens and Warrrdens.

    I come to you with glad tidings, the great Steve has come to me in a vision showing me the path to restoring the Warden community to its former glory. In my vision Steve the Almighty showed me what would have to change for the Warden community to reattain the power of old.

    The first thing Steve told me was we must return to the glorious tradition of derailment as practiced by LtDiablo and Jeedai. invisi-text is win [color=#303030] if your interested.

    The second thing Steve told we has wardens must have meme’s again. So I will share the ones most favored by Steve.

    Trait line names will be completely changed.
    Way of the shield shall be called way of the cooky.
    Way of the spear shall be called way of Steve.
    Way of the fist shall be known as way of the ferret.
    And while Way of the warden is not a trait line it shall now be known as way of the great chicken.

    And the final thing Steve said to me was that Wardens must return to our old image.

    The Warden: Your Fellowship's Enigmatic All-Star. Warden players are complex, introspective, helpful, loyal, witty, charming, irresistibly magnetic proprietors of unmatched excellence wrapped in a sexy candy coating. You'll know one when you meet one. You're unlikely to be the same ever after.

    "I'm a Warden. I AM a small fellowship." - actual quote from GLFF.

    "I'm a Warden. The only thing that can kill me is the Hunter in my Fellowship." - actual quote from Colred.

    Wardens like everyone...except Hunters. Guards get their grudging respect, though the rivalry is unlikely to die any time soon. Wardens look at Champs kind of like younger siblings who are in that awkward stage - wildly fun and energetic but likely to bump into stuff and cause a mess. Healer types are very nice, but a Warden's secret passion lies in the deep, sweet power pools of a Lore Master's smoky, power-vamping gaze :drool:...ahem....sorry about that. But as powerful as the draw of Fellowship can be, a Warden's true calling is to roam the wild fringes alone and unaided, placing himself between danger and the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth, his heroics unheralded, his deeds unsung, his hair spiky and perfect. -Colred

    So I say to you will you bring back the true Warden again? All hail Steve the almighty!!!

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    Ummm, about this. Why has no one else replied? I may have lost my ability to detect a troll post, but I still don't think this is one. I can't let a thread that mentions Steve die without being first derailed. Also, way the spear is not the way of steve, it's the way of the troll, and way of the warden is a hidden trait line that only Steve knows how to use, combining all traits into one set of seven. That... thing, shall not be mentioned on the waden forums. The abonination in question will soon be turned into chicken nuggets, thanks to Steve's allies at chick fillet (eat more chickens, save grass hoppers from being pecked).

    Also, I figured out a way to calculate the total average percentage of damage absorbed by your avoidances and mitigations (not counting resist). The basics of it is:

    1- [(1-block)*(1-parry)*(1-evade)*(1-partialblockchance*partialbloc kmitigations)*(1-partialparrychance*partialparr ymitigations)*(1-partialevadechance*partialevad emitigations)*mitigations*(1-mobcriticalchance*criticaldefe ncemitigations)*(1+mobfinese)* (1+[(1-b)*(1-p)*(1-e)*(1-pbrating)*(1-pprating)*(1-perating)*mobfinesse)]

    All values are decimals.

    Feel free to correct me on any of this, but as long as my assumption that avoidances are seperate dice rolls is correct (and it should be, considering that you can't have 100% anything), the part enclosed in brackets should calculate your average damage taken (again in decimal). A few parts that might get challenged early on are why I multiplied partial chance by mitigations, and the mob finesse and critical. The reason for the crit defence and partials multiplying by their mitigations, and hence reducing their value as they are in decimal form, is that it does actualy reduce their effectiveness. As this equation measures average damage absorbed, a partial block will mitigate, say, for purposes of demonstration, 20% damage. This means it takes five partial blocks to absorb the same damage as one full block, which is why chance and mitigation reduce each other's values (however increases to the chances/mitigations still increase the stat's effectiveness, run the numbers, you'll see), and much the same applies to critical defence, there is a chance for an event to trigger, and if said event triggers, a percentage of damage will be absorbed in addition to normal mitigations, applied multiplicativly. Also, why all the 1 minuses? It's simpler to find the average amount of damage a mitigation doesn't absorb, at least for the purposes of finding the total average damage absorbed. 1 minus your block rating (in decimal) gives you how much damage isn't blocked, which, when multiplied (not subtracted mind you) by the other average damage takens (damage not absorbed for each avoidance), yields the total average damage taken, in decimal form. If you subtract this value from one, you will get the total average damage absorbed. Also, about mob finesse: it's 1+mob finesse *the total chance for an avoidance, because I think finesse only rolls if a sucessful avoid\partial avoid has been registered, calculated by that long drawn out equation that closely mirrors the larger one that it's a part of. this wiill of course only work for fromtal physical attacks, for tactical attacks from behind, you'd have to make the mitiagtions your tactical instead of physical, and ignore block and parry. Resist is also unaccounted for, as it's effectiveness largely depends on whether or not you're going to be getting debuffed, and what kind of debuff/dot it is. I think it would also be manageable to make a plugin to calculate this (would have to use generic mob finesse and crit), and put it in the chat box as a total percentage of damage absorbed, for all you e1337ist pro min/max gamers. So, do I get a cooky?

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    You are correct it is not a troll post but a memorial post to see if I could get any of the original wardens out of hiding.

    Also very successful derail + 1 Cooky

    PS is the cooky choco chip or oatmean rasin?

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    Jun 2011
    My Ferret came to me in my dreams last night and told me to post the truth in this thread this afternoon.

    I fear I have been blinded for too long by the Lore Master's smoky, power-vamping gaze, unable to break free of the hurts of old and haunting tool tip of the way of the warden...

    Starting now I swear to live by the way of Steve, my ferret will lost all the extra weight he has put on so he can once again slip up a trouser leg and provide me with the distraction I need.

    Next my ferret has told me about the evils of squirrels, they are plotting..always and they must be stopped, all dedicated Wadens must seek out squirrels and destroy them immediately, while you rest they do not...

    The only important thing to write in here is how threat really works for the Warden,

    I spent 30 seconds of experiments working this out with a squirrel in the Chetwood about 31 seconds ago and I can reveal my findings to you now,

    The Wardens threat is based upon the base threat of the gambit used (this value is pi) x 1.25, then you need to add on as many steps as you took to get to the mob (this must be taken from the moment you first saw the mob, this is very important) and divide this total number by the age of your ferret.

    If your ferret is less than a year old then you should not be bringing him into battle yet, what are you some kind of lunatic?!

    This final figure is your current threat figure, if anyone else in your fellowship manages to work out this number they will draw aggro from you, you must quickly make a new threat figure, as we all know hunters are best at guessing this number, avoid them if you can...if you cant then make sure the threat you create is very hard for them to work out.

    All hail Steve the almighty!!! Huzzah!
    The Last Alliance - Officer
    Dapple - Rank 10 Warg

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    Early this morning (After I read the most recent post). I was in the 21st hall when I saw a squirrel named Steve. you can imagine my outrage at a squirrel for calling its self Steve, so I did what any Warden would do I selected it and lined up careful step and prepared to ambush the squirrel. Much to my dismay I got the "invalid target" so I found the squirrels master. He was wearing the chicken mask and cloak..

    /spread the word that LM are being corrupted by those who oppose out Ferret friends

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    I don't get this thread. Meh
    Feailuve - Akabath

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    Ahh your thread brings much joy and cookys.

    I sense a lack of giffage though so lets get the party started and crack open the bubbly -


    I would love to be able to contribute but my forum account is not working and I cannot log in. This post exist only in the mind of Steve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turathdur View Post
    You are correct it is not a troll post but a memorial post to see if I could get any of the original wardens out of hiding.

    Also very successful derail + 1 Cooky

    PS is the cooky choco chip or oatmean rasin?
    Sadly it seems it was not a very successful derail, as no one wants to talk about math. I'm not going to post any more equations in an attempt to re-rail the thread onto my own derailment topic, because that would get me an r, or I'd at least lose a cooky. Also, quick question: does losing your waden's heart make you or less powerful.

    P.S. My spellcheck doesn't like wadens and cookys, I had to add it to the dictionary.

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    I think the biggest question is how the hell are you typing on these forums without a heart?- Draegon912

    Actually this is accomplished regularly from 1337 wardens such as myself, dbrowdy, LtDiablo, jeedai, treefallingquietly, etc. And is one of the test for full status in the warden community! (I think miri actually has a heart so I cant include in the list!)

    As evidence see any post by the named individuals, the conclusion is obviously that they (and me!) are heartless-SIrlot

    Hearts get in the way of mocking others.- treefallingquietly

    Indeed. I cut out my heart and locked it in a chest on a deserted island. But it's still beating! -jeedai

    Loosing your heart seems to make you stronger. At least on the forums.

    ps. your strength/power it determined by pie X your ferrets age + your number of cookies - your heart(s) / by your R's

    your derailment ability is your ability to make these numbers up.



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