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Yes it does. If I'm able to keep power up on my group members by using a technique that involves Focus that is absolutely fine and doesn't make me a "bad" captain. Focus IS a Captain buff, and the fact I use a Captain Buff doesn't make me (or anyone else) a bad Captain.
But that's the thing, your only goal seems to be to keep your group up on power, which is only one of many perspectives the Captain class can help with. Damage and healing are two important parts as well, and you're really ignoring them when you don't acknowledge the effect of 1800 crit and how that will actually save you power in the end compared to 340 icpr.

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The fact you do it one way and I do it another is what you call strategy, and everyone develops their own that best suits their own individual play style. Stop pretending because I like to use Focus that makes me a bad Captain and the fact you don't use it makes you a good Captain. That is ridiculous in the extreme. Play your captain like you want, I'll play it like I want. There is no need to try and turn this into some epeen contest about who is bad and who is good.

I think 350 ICPR is pretty good and has it's uses. You don't. Let's just end it there.
Stop pretending that all strategies are equally good because they arent. You're fooling noone but yourself and those who end up in your fellowships.

You're absolutely missing the point if you think I dont find 350 icpr to be good, the more the better. What I'm saying is that 1800 crit is better in every way than 340 icpr is, and if you can't even understand the difference between those two perspectives you're bound to never understand the real issue here.