Hullo again Dwarrow, not sure how many of you remember me :P

So apparently school work actually is beginning to take time to complete, and GW2's system of combat and zerging feels a lot moors ever did. As a result I havn't been back here in forever - I barely remember my account, I've already forgotten my character settings and whatnot. It doesn't help that my computer died on me and I had to renew it. (What do you mean, that isn't the proper word! I'm a support class and I do my job so I can hopefully not get replaced with constant trolling!)

To get to the, I havn't tested out anything since RoR, but I don't really feel like it anyway. From what I hear weaver and warleader are both sort of OP and dwarrow pvp sucks as usual, and I really don't want to level frosty and get new OP gear for level 70 and see if I can still roflroll a minstrel in these new times. I logged in once and I couldn't recognize half the names (admittedly, this is better than when I started and didn't know anyone).

Did I say I would get to the point? ...fine, I will. Some of you with long memories might remember that I have some of few existing NON BOUND spirit stones and brooches/crests left in the house chests, where they can be taken by anyone with permission. My point is that as I no longer have the dedication to return, I would like someone who is still here to take custody of these relics of history.

I guess I'm not really 'selling' in a giving sense; I'd prefer that they remain completely unbound. I could see several dulls disappearing - if memory serves, 17 are in the box - but someone should take control over them, if nothing else to occasionally shout out in glff wts lum :P.

So yeah. Basically I'm giving...selling... ownership rights to my nice deluxe hobbit hole (which comes with a full set of moria/eriador maps, if those still have value and 10tp attached to each set). If interested, post here, and if I decide to give you rights I'll reinstall temporarily (why would I do such a thing...maybe I'll just *stops talking*).

In conclusion: giving ownership of rare, possibly unique historical item to trustworthy recipient.

Hi dwarrowdelf! Hi creepsies other than cowargs!

Froststalker (Nerf plz)/ Iridescent (Buff plz)/ Ossilith (Lost) / Chompy (Wait, who?)