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    Cool Lore Master Quest

    Hi i am a level 23 lore-master and i have the deed "Master of The Staff"..... i have worked on it for a while and i recently went in an instance and almost finished it. When i quit the instance because it was too hard i logged off. the next day i got on and tried to finish it. The deed requires me to use "Staff Strike" 600 times. When i logged on i realized i only have to use it 2 more times. I tried repeatedly to use it but the number never went up. It is sooo annoying. i can do all my other quests though. the quest name is grey. idk if i messed something up but i would really like help. if anyone has any ideas please help??

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    I am not sure why it would not count the staff strikes do you know if the bar was blue or had it turned to yellow? If blue just go find a couple of mobs and smack with your staff attack. If the bar was/is yellow you will have to wait until it turns blue again. Yellow means you have advanced that skill as far as you can for the day.

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    Lore Master Quest

    No it is still blue. ive been running around killing them and its not counting. (thank you for the quick response)

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    okay idk why but it randomly started working thank you. sorry for the trouble

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    If the quest name shows grey, it is considered an effortless quest (9 or more levels below you). I imagine the opponents you were fighting in the instance are grey as well. To advance class deeds the opponents must be at least green, you do not get credit for slaying grey opponents. Find something a little tougher to fight.

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    Did you change any of your traits? There used to be a bug on some of the skill deeds that if you used a trait that modified the skill, sometimes it wouldn't count. Don't know if any are still there, or even if it effected Staff Strike. Just a thought.



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