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Thread: Thank You All

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    Thank You All

    Freeps, Creeps alike.

    By the time you read this, this will most likely be Chief Guard Gothash. Rank 7 is under 400 infamy away and it's only through celebrating my future rank by taking flight around the Ettenmoors a few hours ago (much to the...err, obvious confusion of Obivious), much to the annoyance of the creepside, that I haven't yet achieved the rank.

    So, rank 7. Most of you will think that's no big deal.
    Not for me.
    I'm Free to Play. I have only 2 corruption slots, 2 class slots and 2 race slots. I've bought no skills. I'm a terrible fighter (though I've noticed much improvement of late). And it's been hard, unbelievably hard, for me to reach even rank 6.
    And I also remember, back when I first became a Monster Player, that I set myself goals. Specific targets, if you will. I had only 2. One was to get into CHAOS (who, as a pathetic rank 1 I saw as being immortal creeps), which I achieved (with help from Nellami) at rank 6. The other was to manage to get to rank 7. And I've done that. Well, nearly. And I couldn't have done it without you.

    So I'd just like to thank you, all of you, freep and creep alike. In particular:
    Shapcidrat, Nellami, Rafiky, Xunnang, Aktis, Ashtarsheram, Jasiak, Obivious, Krishtina, Whitestorm, Ilen, Xellor, Thecure, Katrindal, Fy, Jak and, in particular, Saenanthra.

    So yeah, thanks you lot. You guys are all great, no matter how annoying you can be at times .

    Thanks and I'll kill-err, see you in the moors!

    PS. Thanks also to all the creeps on creepside when I went flying around the moors (something I also saw happen to Llik and to Buga on a YT Video) because you put up with me taking aerial screenshots of TA, even though you were annoyed. Heck it was fun, and I think I deserved a bit of fun in the moors after all my hard work, and indeed getting Xellor to 1k yesterday the first time we 1v1ed.

    Update: Thanks to a very kind person who out of the blue sent me a tell with a code for a fairly large amount of TP, I've upgraded Goth a little with a few Class Slots and Impale. Perhaps more coming soon, so don't consider me a F2P Pushover anymore.
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    its really hard to rankup a reaver, and when we have days like these lately (grats on ranking freeps from rez camp all day) its harder even more.

    Keep your head up, and keep ur -50%inc healing debuff all the time on these freeps

    btw earned skills gives more satisfaction than p2w ones...but lately who cares about being fair player in the moors
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