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    Dawnwen's Secrets of Scholar Farming

    I thought I would post some of my trade secrets about where to farm for scholar nodes here. I'm particularly proud of my little Dolven View circuit. When I was at the level 65 level cap I spent a LOT of time on that circuit, honing it for maximum efficiency.

    Hope this is helpful. I welcome any suggestions for improvement to this list.

    First a couple of general tips:

    1 - Turn on floaty Names for objects (it's off by default I think). Makes it MUCH easier to spot the nodes.
    2 - In dark places, its very handy to turn on your personal light (ALT-F10) (only works at night time)
    3 - Don't forget to turn on your scholar node radar
    4 - Obviously, it's much easier to farm for nodes if you are significantly overleveled for the MOBs so that they don't aggro. Most of my schemes posted here assume this. If stuff aggros you, you may want to find another way to gather the nodes at that tier.
    5 - If you are overleveled and nothing aggros you, I find it goes much faster to watch TV while you farm. When the movie is over, it's amazing how many mats I have in my bags. Or do as I do and listen to heavy metal while you harvest... headbanging while riding between nodes rules!
    6 - You can set up a hotkey that does a "TARGET NEXT ITEM" and another that does "USE TARGETTED ITEM". With these you don't need the scholar radar - just hit the TARGET NEXT ITEM repeatedly and it will find all the nodes within range. Then hitting the USE ITEM key auto-runs (or rides) you to the node and harvests it. This is particularly useful in Rohan where you don't have to dismount to get a node. And, if your toon is an explorer (forester/prospector) these keys will let you collect ore and wood simultaneously. Great way to maximize the number of crests you pick up!


    Farming for T1 Mats (Aged Scrap of Text, Early Third Age Relic, Worn Tablet Fragment)

    There may be more places to get these, but I had the best luck in the Blackwold Headquarters - the fort in Chetwood at about 27.0S, 44.6W. There are two nodes in the fort proper, and don't forget to go to the neighboring ruins to the east at about 27.0S, 43.2W for another node. Kill everything in sight - all the humans drop scholar mats. And open the chests too.

    If you are too low level for the HQ, there are three nodes out on the Midgewater Marsh near ruins. You can ride (or run) in a circuit, but you're likely to have to wait for respawns and you won't collect mats as fast as hitting the fort described above.


    Farming for T2 Mats (Cryptic Texts, Ruined Second Age Trinkets)

    This may be a personal preference, but I like the fort called South-Guard Ruins that is on the extreme southern end of the Greenway in Bree for these (35.3S, 51.6W). There are 4 nodes in there, and once you've harvested them, assuming you are overleveled for the area, you just kill everything in sight and open any chests you find. All the humans drop scholar mats. Some of the nodes in there require some "climbing" on the architecture to get to them.


    Farming for T3 Mats (Faded Sindarian Passages, Torn Craftsman Diaries, Cracked Dwarf Carvings)

    The best place to get them is probably Iorvinas in Lone Lands (32.8S, 33.0W). There are at least 6 nodes inside and the place is pretty easy to navigate. There was one node outside each of the doors that lead to Ost Cyrn too. And the nodes spawn relatively quickly.

    There is a riding circuit back and forth across the border between North Downs and Evendim with a total of 6 nodes. One circuit produces about 20 each of the sindarians and the diaries and about half that of the carvings. I can gather maybe 100 sindarians in an hour.

    1. Get to Tinnudir in Evendim
    2. Ride out on the east road to Ost Heryn (10.9S, 60.7W). I usually hit the ruins on the hill at (12.0S, 63.6W) as I go by - there is one node there.
    3. There are always 2 nodes in Ost Heryn. One in the western half and one in the eastern half. Sometimes they appear near one another near the middle of the ruins.
    4. Ride east across the border into North Downs and hit the first ruin you see, Glirost (9.4S, 59.3W) one node.
    5. Ride south to Tham Lorn (11.1S, 59.5W) for one node
    6. Ride back into Evendim and to Ost Heryn again. The two nodes in there should have respawned before you get back.
    7. Ride south from Ost Heryn to the ruin by the river, Barad Tharsir (15.3S, 60.5W) and pick up the one node there.
    8. Swim across the river to the ruins, Lithost (15.8S, 61.7W) and get the node.
    9. Return to Ost Heryn, pick up the two nodes, then back to North Downs to Tham Lorn. Cycle back and forth this way until you have the mats you want.


    Farming for T4 Mats (Fragments of Dunedain Script, Relics of Lothlorien)

    This is something I got from a kinnie, Ghreyjax, some time ago about his T4 node route:

    This is in Agamaur in the Lonelands

    Left half of the route* a few lvl 30 Elite scattered about*

    Start at Barad Dhorn * LL - Radaghasts tower in Agamaur** and head north. Once in Agamaur turn west/left and you'll come to a wall , follow it north/right until you can turn 180 to the left and head back south around it. keep the wall on your left and just in camera range riding south until you cant go any farther. turn right and go as far as you can that way staying in camera shot of the wall/cliff face on your left still . at the end of this run turn right again and yu should be heading north , go north until the ruins open up to fields/ walking tree's and there will be a broken wall kind of separating these area's follow it east back to where you started . Basically this is making a large square, keeping the wall always on your left just in view allows maximum use of your node tracking.

    Right half of the route * There are Elites in this area of lvl 30+ all over *

    this route is kinda hard to explain, but from Barad Dhorn go north , until the trail opens then head north east and you'll come to an archway , go thru it eastward and continue eastward until you come the the "Mustering Camp". At the camp turn south and continue heading that direction through all of the "Gloom Waters" . Once you have gone as far south as you can you should see a path up a hillside follow it into the "Wright" area travel westward and you will/should return where you began , at Barad Dhorn / Radaghasts Tower.

    Roughly following this route , you should get anywhere from 7 to 12 "Forgotten Text" T4 nodes in one full circuit.

    (End of Ghreyjax's post)

    The only other decent (such as it is) place is the Wight Ruins that are north of Thorenhad in Trollshaws. Ride to Thorenhad, then travel north through the mountains to the muster camp at 28.2S, 15.3W (just above the words "Nan Toraeth" on the big map). Just north of there is the entrance to the Wight Ruins. The first is Amon Varadh at 28.1S, 14.8W. There are 2 nodes there. Then cross the bridge to the other side to farm Minas Ciliant (26.9S, 14.8W) and Ost Chall (27.2S, 14.1W) for 2 more nodes. If all you do is farm the nodes, it will be a long, slow grind. So kill all the Concur (humans) and Wights you see - they drop scholar mats too. And its a great way to get Rivendell Rep items.


    Farming for T5 Mats (Long-Lost 2nd Age Texts, Moon Letters, Worn Elf Carvings, Torn Scholar's Journals)

    The best place I've found so far is in Eregion. You do a round of the ruins of Barad Morlas (near Echad Eregion) to get 5 nodes. Then you ride NE up to Pembar (44.1S, 10.8W, where the worms are) and pick up 2 more nodes. Then make a bee-line for a small cluster of ruins at 51.3S, 12.4W for one node. Then north back to Barad Morlas. The five nodes there should have respawned by then. A total of 8 nodes in the circuit - not as good as the Dolven View circuit for T6s, but not too bad either.

    Other alternatives... There are 3 nodes in the Dourhand dwarf cave (Icereaves Mine) that is near the castle of Zigilgund in Forochel (8.9, 81.9). Not sure if the dourhands drop mats if you kill them. You can also hit the "dwarf castle" in Misty Mountains (about 27.3S .2E) - there are at least 3 nodes there IIRC and the dwarves and chests yield additional mats. Or, you can grind in the ruins north-west of Pynti-Peldot in Ita-Ma (about 14.1N, 74.1W). There are 2 or 3 nodes there and the MOBs are spread out so you don't always have to kill something to get to the node.


    Farming for T6 mats (Rune-Carved Tablets, Etchings of Moria, Relics of Khazad-Dum, Tattered Khuzdul Parchments, Broken Dwarf Statues)

    Well, the obvious place to get these is in the Scholar Crafting instances in Durin's Way. One run through those 2 instances will take you less than an hour, and you can get 30 of everything most of the time. And you can trade the Iron Garrison Resource Tokens for two Loth Gold leaves. However, the scholar mats don't repopulate in those instances for you for two days after you've harvested them. The Scholar instances do seem to be the best place to get Tattered Khuzdul Parchments tho. I can't seem to collect as many per node in other places.

    A faster way to get a lot of Rune-Carved Tablets (which seem to be the rarest commodity) and Etchings is to do the Dolven View circuit. For the other items, the best I've come up with so far is to harvest Sages Caskets in the architectural areas of Redhorn Lodes. There are a few Sage's Lockboxes in Lothlorien, but they either are few and far between, and you have to be a higher level to avoid aggro there.

    Dolven View Circuit

    Once around the circuit nets about 15 nodes with 25 Rune-Carveds, 25 Etchings, 12 Relics of KD, 6 Tattereds, and 6 Broken Dwarf Statues and takes 12-15 minutes. I can generally harvest 100 Rune-carveds in an hour.

    Start at Dolven View. Saddle up and ride to the west onto the long balcony. There may be a node or two right up on top. There are usually 3 nodes on the balconies of this structure, so you may see 3 blips on your radar - but some will be on floors below you. You can access the floor right below the top by jumping over the railing on the west side of the balcony (8.7, 112.6) - I ride against the wall there on the way down to reduce falling damage. There is sometimes one or two nodes on this level. I then jump down to the floor below by backing off the edge near the corner (8.6, 112.6) and then running toward the balcony as I fall. I get a broken leg, but I get onto a balcony you can't access otherwise. No nodes here - drop down one more floor the same way. There are sometimes nodes here. Then you can ride down the stairs to the bottom to access any nodes on the ground floor.

    Ride out past the giant globe statue to the West. When you get up the ramp Durin's Vault will be to your left and Lamab-Dum to your right. Ride straight across the path and up the hill, bearing right when you reach the top with the stalagmites (8.3, 113.9), and down into a canyon. You'll see a glowing crystal up on a ridge up ahead in the distance. Head for it. You'll end up at Shemeldurj (7.3, 114.3). Ride across the bridge. There are 2 nodes here, sometimes they spawn up top, sometimes down below. Get whichever nodes are near you then ride down into the room. I jump off near the corner of the room (7.3, 114.4) and run against the wall - most of the time I don't get any falling damage. There are 2 possible places nodes spawn in the room and one up on a landing of the stairs nearby. When you've got two nodes from Shemeldurj, head out the hole in the wall near 7.1, 114.5 and down the canyon and bear right toward the Palace of Nain.

    At the Palace of Nain (lower floor) at about 6.4S, 112.5W there are a lot of Grodbog-Spitters - hopefully not aggroing you. There are 3 nodes in this area. When you've got them, ride out the further door and into the long hallway (Lamab-Dum).

    Turn off the long hallway at the Southern end and head East (left) and up to the platform/crossroads. To the South is the path that leads back up the hill to Dolven View. Around the platform (7.5S, 112.9W) there are two nodes. Sometimes one is down in the canyon to the east. It's a little tricky to find the path down there - it's about at 7.6S, 112.5W. You ride off the cliff at the extreme western part of the ledge and a steep trail goes down to the node at 7.0S, 112.6W. You have to go back up the way you came.

    When you have both nodes in this area, ride to the crevice at 7.0, 112.2 and jump over it to the other side. Continue riding toward the great library of Kahtub-Zahar. There are 3 nodes in this general area. Sometimes they spawn in the library, sometimes outside it. Get whatever's in the library, then as you exit, make an immediate left and ride out on the platforms to see if there are any nodes there. There is one node at 7.3, 111.4 that I have never been able to get. I think it's embedded in the wall somewhere - if anyone figure out how to get it I sure would love to know about! There may be a node or two below the platform to the southeast. Ride along the long corridor on the south side of the Library's outside wall and look down from the edge (7.2, 111.1) - you'll see the top of a stairway that leads down into the orc camp. You can jump from here down to the stair. Ride (with broken leg) down the stair and over to the edge to the left by the Orc tent. If you jump down on the southeast corner you'll land on the base of a column that will break your fall. There are sometimes a couple of nodes in this area.

    From here, jump down into the long corridor below with the row of flame-shaped crystals (7.6, 111.0) and ride up the stairs into the orc camp (Gazatmur). Ride out the western exit of the camp (7.7, 111.6). There are 2 nodes in this area that spawn in 6 places. Some are up above. Ride up the stairs that go west from 8.0, 111.7 getting nodes you find along the way, all the way back to Dolven View.

    You can go right back out on the circuit - all of the nodes should have respawned before you get to them.

    Repeat the cycle until you've got what you wanted.


    Farming for T7 mats (Weathered Dunlending Texts, Pages of Gondorian Parchment)

    Bonevales. Enough said.


    Farming for Tier 8 Scholar Nodes (Scraps of Roherric Text, Pieces of Sealed Wax)

    You take a stable ride to Parth Galen in the East Wall. There are 3 nodes just a little bit south-east of the campsite (59.0, 47.5). Then you ride up to the small ruins on top of the hill (58.9, 49.8) where there a 9 nodes that are always in the same places spread over the landscape heading north from there. By the time you ride down to Parth Galen the 3 nodes down there will have respawned. There are some Orcs that will aggro you in the area, but since my scholar is an LM, I just sic my bear on them to keep them busy or mez them while I pick up the goodies. This place is pretty popular with scholars (for obvious reasons) so you may get some competition for nodes there unless you harvest really early or late in the day. If you want to just camp the 9 nodes at the top of the hill, you can safely stand just outside the middle-entrance to the Underwall caves which is nearby and do something else while you wait for the nodes to respawn.
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    Thanks! My LM is stuck at Expert/Artisan Scholar for at least 40 levels. This would be handy for me to farm mats
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    Well donworth you sure know your nodes! Lots of work posting that, +rep for you

    I personally don't farm on "auto-mode" but I absolutely support your ability to do so. And as there have been other posts about the locations of nodes, you have written a great tier progression vs. location guide.

    If you are not very wealthy in-game I say you should be!

    Nicely done

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    wow,i would just go farm barrow-downs caves in bree for everything and including moon letters...was cake and i'd fill my bags in about 2hrs..mixed mats but i got to supreme just going there from time to time.and if you kill the mobs ,goes faster then just tappin the nodes...but once you need tons of moon letters ya just move on..but imo...best place up to that point is bree-land barrow downs caves.Unless you like riding on a horse for hours going from node to node...i would kill human mobs most the time for mats and hit nodes..just went faster...and try to find the ones that drop rep tokens...
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    Great resource!
    What I would like to add is that the best place to look for Aged Scraps of Text is actually Limael's Vineyard in Ered Luin. The sentinel there is the only MOB I've found that would drop this T1 mat. You can overlevel it pretty early in the game. Personally I got stuck at T1 before discovering this.

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    These are all the places I use. For someone just starting a Scholar on a low level alt, you may want to go with Explorer for the first three levels and then switch professions; save the Dye making materials. This is even easier if you already have a prospector to feed the Scholar mats. If you have a Farmer who can grow wild flowers it is even better. You can Max out the lower three Scholar levels pretty easy with Dye, Paint, Inlays & Enamels - and even make a bit of coin on the AH in the process.

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    Thanks so much for this! I really appreciate it, my little Hobbit Minstrel has is already an Expert farmer, but has been stuck as an Apprentice scholar for ages. I was almost discouraged enough to leave the Historian track, but I love how it fits with her powers. Can't wait to try these out now that I've leveled up a bit!

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    "Dawnwen's Secrets of Scholar Farming"

    I have enough scholars. No need to farm for more... :P



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