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    Marks & Medallions??

    There are many things I do not understand about skirmish's.
    One is why it takes 1 medallion to make 3 marks, but it takes 50 marks to make 1 medallion!
    Shouldn't it take 3 marks to make 1 medallion?

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    It probably should. I would expect some tax in the coversions, but nothing of the scale they have. Turbine obviously doesn't want real liquid currencies. They want medallions to be medallions, marks to be marks, seals to be seals. Annoying as an end user, but I guess it helps constrain any possible screwups in obtaining one currency from spilling over and causing issues with others. So while they give the option to convert, I stay away from it cause its pretty costly.

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    The rarer the currency you use, the better the stuff you can get for it. Medallions are used for higher quality items than marks, and you need seals to barter for the most expensive stuff. So it's logical that you're easily able to downgrade your currency, but that it's impossible (or extremely expensive/ineffective) to upgrade.
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