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    Remembering the gambits

    Hey everybody,

    I just started playing on warden and I have completely fallen love with it but I would need your advice about memorising the gambits. I am already having hard time to remember what each one does and my warden is just at lvl 15... How do you guys remember them? Is there any rule how to choose the right one in different situations?
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    Shield line: Healing/buffing.
    Healing: shield-spear line. (Determination required for all heals but Restoration (lvl 74) and Conviction (lvl 54))
    Few other healing skills
    Spear line: Single Target Damage
    Bleeds: spear-shield-fist line. These tier up. (Recklessness required for all bleeds but Unerring Strike (lvl 48 iirc)
    Rest is initial damage.
    Fist line: DoT/buff/threat(in Determination)
    DoT: fist-shield-fist line. Applies a DoT in both Recklessness and Determination. Generates threat in Determination.
    Life taps: Drain morale from up to 10 targets and give it to the Warden. Applies in all stances. fist-spear-shield line.
    Threat/leeches: fist-spear line.

    Mostly, gambits that start with the same icons are improved versions of their previous version.
    Hope this helps, if it's unclear, just ask.
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    With practice you'll start remembering them a lot easier. In the meantime, LotroInterface has a few plugins that can help you out with learning your gambits.
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    Try this chart:

    Keep it near you and refer to it. Keep practicing.
    You can find it here: http://mkweb.bcgsc.ca/lotro/

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    Practice, practice, practice, Repetition, repetition, repetition......

    Thats all it is!

    Charts are useful but in the end you will just program your brain to know them second nature
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    I hate gambit charts. It's unneeded anyway.
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    by the time you get to 3 skill gambits you should have learned the 2 skill ones by simple repetiton, same goes as you move up thru 4 and on to 5 skill gambits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giliodor View Post
    I hate gambit charts. It's unneeded anyway.
    But at least looks nice XD

    btw remembering gambits isnt that hard...
    Remembering how to build gambits with masteries.. that is really hard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leri927 View Post
    But at least looks nice XD

    btw remembering gambits isnt that hard...
    Remembering how to build gambits with masteries.. that is really hard
    Masteries indeed add a whole new level.

    While leveling I tried out masteries a few times, then discarded them because I was so used to building gambits the normal way and masteries confused me. Then when I reached 85 I realized that sometimes you NEED to build faster which of course meant learning masteries.

    I'm still struggling with masteries several weeks later, despite logging my warden in daily.

    As for the normal builders, most useful gambits exist in "lines" that increase in strength the longer you make a repeating pattern. Also if you use a lower tier buff followed by a higher tier buff (of the same line) the new buff will have a longer duration.

    Some examples:

    Fi-Sh line: Evade Buffs
    [fi][sh] - T1 evade buff + T1 heal
    [fi][sh][fi] - T2 evade buff
    [fi][sh][fi][sh] - T3 evade buff

    Sh-Fi line: Crit Defense + Mitigations
    [sh][fi] - T1 crit def + T1 mits + T1 heal
    [sh][fi][sh] - T2 crit def + T2 mits
    [sh][fi][sh][fi] - T3 crit def + T3 mits

    Sh+Sp line: Block Buffs + Heals
    [sh][sp] - T1 block + T1 heal
    [sh][sp][sh] - T2 block + T2 heal
    [sh][sp][sh][sp] - T3 block + T3 heal
    [sh][sp][sh][sp][sh] - T4 heal

    [sp][sh] - interrupt
    [sp][sh][sp] - interrupt
    [sp][sh][sp][sh] - interrupt and parry buff (cannot increase duration)

    One of the most useful posts to learn your gambits:

    Beyond that, the most useful advice I can give is: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. You need muscle memory to use gambits fluidly, that can't be build up in several days.
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    Since I don't play my warden that often, I keep a sticky note with my
    current best 6 or so gambits on it. By putting Spear in the '1' slot,
    Shield in the '2' slot, Fist in the '3' slot and Execute Gambit in the '4'
    slot, I then make my gambit notations: 12124 (Wall of Steel),
    2124 (Safeguard), 334 (Goad). Since the skills are actually in those
    numbered slots, there is no translation - so no confusion, just press the
    numbers. You remember them eventually.

    Then I put my Spear Mastery in the Control-1 slot and my Shield Mastery
    in the Control-2 slot, etc.

    Maybe that will help get things kick-started.

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    Wink Warden Gambit

    i'm level 79 Elf Warden i Remember ALL of the gambits and which one to use in a situation.it's all about practice and good memory+ a lot of playtime

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    I found Toiben's pointers invaluable. You can find it here:

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    Thank you, I will try my best learning them.
    Dear fella girls:

    If a guy wants you to learn how to play a game...
    It means you are the most important person in his life and he also needs a healer! :D

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    This is what I did to help with my masteries.

    I arranged them in order of use, so I can press they ones directly next to each other for a specific buff.

    My order is:

    5 [Sh-Sh] | 6 [Fi-Sp] | 7 [Sh-Fi] | 8 [Sh-Sp] | 9 [Fi-Sh] | 10 [Sp-Sh] | - [Sp-Fi] |

    From this I can activate potency with 5.

    Use 6,7 followed by an addition Sh to build EoB
    Use 8,9 for shield Mastery
    Use 10,- for Dark before the Dawn

    Essentially I can get a load of gambits, using all my masteries simply by working my way up my keyboard.

    Once you have that down, you can start memorising the specific combinations to build other gambits, or build the same gambits when certain masteries are on cooldown.

    For example I can build conviction with 7, [Sh] , 9
    If 7 is on cooldown I can use [Sh], [Fi], [Sh], 9
    If 9 is con cooldown I can use 7, [Sh], [Fi], [Sh]

    If I am kiting and can't stop to even hit an enemy I can build it using 7, 8, (Use the skill to clear one gambit) 9 - So I can build an aggro leech without even hitting a mob. If I use the [Fi-Fi] Mastery, I can also put it into battle memory without stopping too. (Useful when tanking sword halls without a healer and no AoE classes)

    So my advice would be set out the masteries in the way that helps you the best, and practice with them.

    Learn the key combinations that activate which gambits, and train yourself to remember alternative ways to build them.
    Then practice with the alternative ways until it's stuck in your brain.

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    I don't really have them memorized. I use the tonic bars plugin. I lay the gambits in groups by purpose with the masteries used to make them like so. I do know many of them, but I found having the masteries under them made it easy for me to know what masteries where available.

    |1 | 2| 1 | 2|gambit default|

    I do this for all 5's then all important 4's. I have them organized into panels by purpose for example defense,offense,single aggro, heal, and group aggro. The only thing I have to remember is which gambit is where and what it does. I did try memorizing the gambits and using the numpad to do the masteries and such, but I found my system is far more efficient. If you do want to memorize them just go to a dummy and do the mastery and regular version over and over till you have it. The gambits aren't the difficult part its knowing the mastery combinations and keeping track of which ones are available that was my issue.
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    as you can see, most of us use numbers. i did it to. i use the numbers 1,2,4. and i have the masteries on alt+ 1,2, etc.

    i used the system Argentmage used to. but i came up with the idea myself, dont know how :P.

    i writed the gambits on paper, to start with the basic gambit of 3. after that its easier as you only have to add 1 to it. and after that 1 to.

    i have it on paper next to my desktop, and i can see what i need in 1 second, after a time (a week perhaps) you start learning them and it will become as easy as going to the toilet ^^

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    I say screw plugins, screw laying out multiple gambits, it only makes you lazy and hard to adapt. Build a good simple layout where you can reach your stuff without looking and repeat repeat repeat. Especially when masteries come into the picture figuring out your own combinations, writing them down yourself and then repeating them over and over, no matter how painful, is the way to go.

    And if you don't intent to work hard to integrate masteries into every single gambit you pull off then drop the warden right now. Or at least do us all a favour and never group.
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    The beginning warden is confused and prompt to panic. If he knew how many gambits were to come he would suicide.

    The warden who then decided to take control of himself and fully accept the challenge at hand is slowly building confidence and memorizing the essentials. Whenever he train a new gambit it's with open arms and he practice it, even more if it's a class trait.

    The warden who pursued his task received then the gift of masteries to help him manage more complex gambits and gain speed with power. The warden is impressed with himself now, he wake up every morning realizing how good he has become.

    But he is still not convinced of his ability to memorize all his powers and seek various tools which in fact just hinder his full potential.

    Then time goes on, the warden realize that in order to master himself completely he must toss aside all the tricks in which he believedwould help him memorize all of his gambits. He now rely on pure memory power and he finally accomplish the feat.

    Then, the warden is so amazed by himself that he feels godly,efficient and realize that having come so far, no challenge can truly be impossible to overcome from now.

    The warden then look back at his memories when he was a young little brat, unexperienced, having only six gambits at hand and being afraid and insecure.

    He smiles.

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    One thing Ive been telling my gf with her new Warden:

    - Starting with Spear (1), your gambits gonna be about damage
    - Starting with Shield (2), your gambits are gonna to be about defensive buffs and healing
    - Starting with Fist (3), your gambits are gonna to be about threat and dots

    Very simplistic, but sometimes in the heat of the moment as a new Warden, you need to start with the basics.

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    Hendos said it, practice, practice, practice.

    Print yourself any chart you like for the start, while you are still shaky on your way between knowing what you want to do and and remembering how to actually do that.

    Later on in the game, should you solo your way to levelcap, you will reach this moment where you should and would like to tank, but have no clue how to do that. I would suggest that you start, from the 50s or 60s levels on, traiting the blue line and pull loads of mobs to down them, and not nuking one or two traited red. This way you get your tanking essetials down quite quickly - the morale leeches, heals and defenses. Or you die .

    By reaching lvl 85, you will have all you need in your head, and you will become faster more fluent in speaking warden.
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    To me, it's just like memorizing the moves of your favorite fighter from games like Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and Street Fighter. Only alot easier.

    Never had any issues personally.
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    Using Tonic Bars I can see all my Main Gambits and also know whats on cool down or not.

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    I should add Im using a RAT Cyborg MMO Mouse. On the thumb is a bar I have set for Ctl and Alt. So for EoB I would Hit 3 then push on the Bar and hit 1 and 6.



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