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    Details about locked out raid ?

    Okay, i rarely make this kind of "whine" posts.. but now it has just taken way way to long.

    U release a raid cluster that's been tested on both palantir and bullroarer (I hope so atleast). This cluster was supposed to come with rohan update (?). Yet when u finally release it one of the raids is bugged out and has now been closed since it was released !?

    I cant find any details about why it was closed. I cant find any updates on when the raid is getting fixed. There is only a message on the "known-bug-list" that it has been locked.

    Armour is gated behind this raid. The end-game armour which could do a big diffrence in order to do the challenge modes of the raids.

    I would actually come to say that we Lotro players demand more information about whats going on with this raid, and when its comming up again. U should by now have atleast some sort of ETA. Soon is not suited answer

    - Emal
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    Still no answer though. Sapience said on the 16th that they were working on it.

    People are running out of patience now.
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    Turbine didn't even anounce before/after shutting it down. Just after people noticing they were like "oh yeah we shut it down". It's all really nice, especially considering we paid for it a year ago.
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