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    We are doing the RIFT

    A couple of kins in Silverlode (BandofBrothers, Keepers of the Spork, Captains of Honour and Peace) are doing the Rift for the the first time on Saturday 0:30 am GMT.

    We could use some tips for how to get through without to much trouble and we could also use some other lvl 50 guys.

    We still need 2 Dps' ers, 2 more healers, maybe a burg, 1 or 2 Lore Masters, maybe 1 Captain, and a couple tanks.

    We will meet Thorins Hall at 0:30 am GMT and start at 1:00 am so about 8:30 pm GMT-4 and Start at about 9 pm GTM -4.

    Send mail to Chrisandir, or Jemo and include the name of the toon that will be joining the raid.
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    Rift Raid? How about Rift Duo?


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    Rift Raid? How about Rift Duo?

    Ez Mode


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    Whats the differance?
    Sorry im doing the raid too and have no clue what that is:P
    Its the first raid I will have done

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    Rift for the first time

    this will be my first time raiding
    I hope the raid doesn't wipe

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    Cool We are doing the RIFT

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperJazz View Post
    Whats the differance?
    Sorry im doing the raid too and have no clue what that is:P
    Its the first raid I will have done
    Hey everyone!!
    Um... like superjazz (Yes i am also a noob) i have the same question: what's the difference is between a rift duo or raid? The photo's don't work for me...

    I am also helping in organising this raid and you can see Jackincard outside thorins hall at the time said. (please mail jemo, sariawen or chrisandir or myself or reply to this thread if you are coming ) Also make sure you either mention the names of your character or send the in game mail from the character himself so we know who to invite. or pst. OR just show up at outside thorins hall with the character at the time that was said and we can invite you. If there is a change of time then I will either post or ask my friends to. We will try to meet at 0030 GMT and try to start by 0100 GMT (p.s anyone is welcome to join this raid from any kinship. It is not just our kins doing this if we made it sound like that )
    Anyway i'd love to see you there

    Quote Originally Posted by Communityguy38 View Post
    this will be my first time raiding
    I hope the raid doesn't wipe
    We will probably wipe seeing we are all new at this… lol unless we get a few experienced people to join us... (which would be very appreciated)

    Jackincard leader of BandofBrothers
    BTW I am new to the forums - well not new but this is my first post so... sorry if it is long

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    A raid is 12 (or rarely 24) people doing an instance designed for that many. Rift was designed as a major end game raid when 50 was cap. It is still some people's favourite dungeon/instance. If you need help when you've got your group nearly together, post in GLFF - a few people like to do older instances and may fill out your group. Read the strategy guides/walkthoroughs here and on LOTRO-wiki to see what you are in for. Make sure you have lots of food and pots- it's a long one

    Re your questions about screenshots-Because Rift is still set at 50 (non scaled) some higher level players like to challenge themselves by soloing or duoing this level 50 instance instead of doing it with a full group of players. Even 30 levels above the level that the raid was intended for, this can be a challenge because you have to deal with a strategy/mobs designed for many more players.

    TlR The poster was showing off how he did it (a 12 person instance) with only two people. Admittedly an achievement- but not really relevant for you guys who are doing it on level.



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