There are a couple of plugins out there for task items and quests, but they don't seem to be up-to-date. I was wondering how they worked - did they somehow pull information from somewhere or were they the painstaking work of the authors, going around at each level and inspecting the boards? I've run into a few places where there are issues (like in Tinnudir: At level 31, I'm seeing Very Sharp Claws (level 31), Shimmering Essence (level 30), and Broken Short Bows (level 31). At level 32, I'm seeing those same Very Sharp Claws (level 31), Scarred Ears (level 32), Shimmering Essence (level 30), Broken Short Bows (level 31), and Heavy Sword Sheaths (level 32) available.) but there seem to be no updates for some time, including the Rohan boards and items (which I believe are identical for every location with a board) or the 10 item per turn in change and in some cases, even the latest updates to Moria or elsewhere. I've scoured lotrointerface for updates by those other than the original authors as well.

If there is some data pull, then perhaps effort could be made to revive the task board plugins with new information. I'd also like to see graphical representation of available tasks (like in Busy Bee, for example) that could be sorted not just by name, task board locale and reputation faction, but another sortable list or two for War-steed experience (instead of rep) and most definitely one sortable by level (not just a tab for my level, but any level, one that would sort by starting level available and one that could sort by ending level available and work with the sort out functions currently available).

As I stated already, I don't know how those task board plugins work, but I've found them invaluable for making sure I top off rep before leaving an area and for earning task quest +1s and resets in the boxes which help make sure that Limlight reputation doesn't get left behind later on.