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Thread: For Gondor!

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    Men of Gondor recruiting

    Men of Gondor is recruiting. This is what we can offer:

    - roleplaying environment where Gondor, with its traditions and history, will come to life.
    - military unit for any capable man and women who wish to be a soldier of Gondor
    - support group of crafters, scouts etc to the host of soldiers, available to all races
    - friendly, mature and helpful community
    - kin uniform for soldiers
    - story driven weekly rp-events
    - aid from experienced players regarding quests, crafted items etc
    - guides on how to create a good backstory, how to roleplay etc
    - kin site
    - future rp focus will shift to rohan/gondor for high end players

    Our goal is to become a large and thriving kin for everyone who is intrested in Gondorian rp, in time for a future launch of the Gondor area. For more information, visit our kinsite at http://menofgondor.guildlaunch.com

    Incame contact: PM or send ingame mail Andoramir, Iarvund or Morylwen

    Should you hesitate, not sure if Gondorian rp is something for you, then check this out:


    For Gondor!
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    Still recruiting

    As a result of a counsil vote, the help of all races are now accepted! Due to the shortage of able men of Gondorian lineage in the north, all abled men , and in some cases women, are acceptable to take the ancient oath and become soldiers of Gondor. Desperate times calles for desparate messures! Also any assistance offered from hobbits, dwarfs and elves will not be rejected. We need crafters, cooks, scouts, translators, mapmakers etc to serve as a support group to the Northern host of Gondor. Angmar is a threat to all free people in the north. Note that "Men of Gondor is a rp kinship and any applicants should submit to the rules of IC and OOC conduct listed on our kinsite. Should you be new to roleplaying, we can offer advice and guides as to improve your roleplay. Submit you application now!
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