Okay so all of ya already know i PvE here and there so lets just cut it,
I notice whenever i go and PvE somewhere i always have a little newbie following me,
but now i dont see no newbies coming to me for help on PvEing anymore :T,
instead they go and find me and ask me how to PvP and how to use this skill ect ect,
i admit i'm one of the suckiest reavers on the whole server but if people keep asking me to help them,
yet i know how to take down every class of freep,
But i really dont try to PvP,
that means we need some more people out here to show them how to play.
Honestly, i see lots of mid-rank freeps and yet hardly see any low-ranked ones (white ones :P )
I see plenty of Blues here and there but i see that mostly we are lacking them low-ranks,
Anyways as a sign of.... *insert something epic here*... Imma start to PvP
(Once i get my aud up :T )
Sooo yeah.... thats all.... Kolalg's wargs, Kolalg's S-raid, ect ect.