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    Moving The Radar?

    While adjusting my UI settings, my radar somehow moved from the upper right hand corner of my screen, to the center of the screen. How do I move it back to the corner where it is out of the way? Thanks!

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    A similar thing has happened with me and ctrl-\ is not doing anything. Anymore suggestions?, this is really annoying as the radar is covering all sorts of skirm info.

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    ctrl+\ never worked for me either, but ctrl+# does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JaxV View Post
    ctrl+\ never worked for me either, but ctrl+# does.
    That's worked for me too, many thanks for this info, the radar was driving me mad in the middle.

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    It sounds like you are using a keyboard layout that differs from the US QWERTY layout.
    This is not generally a problem as you can always change the key mapping to be whatever works best for you.
    Just look in Options under the section for keyboard settings and look for 'UI placement' key binding to discover what it is currently set to as well as change it to what you desire.
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