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    Characters now Eligible for Lottery.

    I've been trying to sort out why the forums have been dead slow, etc... and I found a forum post about someone using Firefox with NoScript... so I tried it out... and wala... I have an error that says Javascript is disabled...but MY CHARACTERS ARE ELIGIBLE AGAIN FOR LOTTERY. I have had no eligible characters for the past 6 weeks... and I've been checking daily. Oh- and the forums loaded 10x faster too. Maybe it'll work for others. Using Firefox 19.0.2 There appear to be 4 services working in the background: lotro.com, googleapis.com, google-analytics, and fetchback. You just want lotro.com and scrap the rest. However, 'Search' won't work a damn as a consequence. Small price for access to lottery imo.
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    Coincidentally, lotteries were fixed today and the first since the ones that ended March 14 started.
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    Nakiami beat me to it...
    Sapience told us in a post yesterday
    that the lotteries would finally come back online today.

    So your chars being eligible again, has nothing to do with
    the fix you found. I've been using FF for... too long anyways...
    I still even have a FF4 install on my pc for certain plugins.
    I did not fix anything, but still my chars are eligible as well again.
    The "speedbuff" does sound nice, but I doubt it will be enough
    to warrant the lack of Search...

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    I actually looked for that post in the Stickies 'above' and didn't see anything recent. I must be blind. Still- getting around in the forums 10x as fast is still a big deal for me. Scripts 2/6 running right now...and the Javascript error is gone. To me it's entering my characters into the darn thing that much faster... lol. Thanks for the responses...

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    Must've missed Sapience's post also ..

    Thank you for wearing your kickstarter boots today! *sends cookies*
    Thalia, for Reacher
    Bubbie, for posterity
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